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WAM October 29-30 WGB

WGB, in all its incarnations with all its marvellous characters and musicians, holds a special place in the hearts of many Newfoundlanders.

Whether you enjoy a bellylaugh with Mr. Hynes, want to scuff your shoes off whirling to a fiddle-jig, sing along with one of their well-known tunes, or be captivated by an entertainment of the highest calibre, you will enjoy a performance from this group.

I mean … Greg Malone? Ron Hynes? Sandy Morris? Glenn Simmons? What’s not to like when they join forces with Jamie Snider, Ian Perry and Boomer Stamp?

You’ll get the chance over the next two and a half weeks as WGB goes on the road, touring the province’s Arts and Culture Centres.

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And they bring swag! New DVD’s!

Greg Malone and Sandy Morris sat down with me this week to talk about the band and the upcoming tour.