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WAM October 22-23 Barbara Walsh

The Newfoundland hurricane that thrashed the south coast of Newfoundland in 1935 rivalled Igor in intensity. It blew through and left tragedy in its wake. Sailors lost at sea.

Some of those sailors were Paddy Walsh and his sons Jimmy, Jerome and Francis.

Paddy’s brother Ambrose moved off to the United States in the wake of the storm, and led a stormy life himself.

Many years removed from that, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Barbara Walsh heard of this story, a story linked to her through her father, Ambrose’s son.

And there was a storm in that world, too. Barbara Walsh tells the story in her new book, August Gale: A Father and Daughter’s Journey into the Storm. And a journey to Newfoundland, a place neither she nor her father had ever visited.

I spoke with Barbara Walsh this week from her home in Maine.

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