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WAM October 15-16 Dr. Andrew Jennings

The Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development at Memorial University has been sponsoring a North Atlantic Forum on Culture, Place and Identity at the heart of Regional development since Thursday. The Conference winds up today.

So many people have been attending and presenting and discussing! Artists, academics, tradition bearers, government officials responsible for regional development, for arts and for heritage preservation!

Economic development and diversification, cultural tourism, and arts and cultural heritage as tools for community building are all themes for this conference.

One of the speakers at the conference is Andrew Jennings. Dr. Jennings teaches Orkney and Shetland Studies in the University of the Highland and Islands. He is interested in the culture of the Shetland, including place-names and the Viking influence on the islands. He has a particular interest in Shetland’s modern cultural history and identity. And how they impact regional development.

Dr. Andrew Jennings joins me in the studio.

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