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October 15-16 John Walker

John Walker has directed more than fifteen award-winning documentary films on his c.v. - he has won Gemini awards and taken prizes from the Organization of American Historians and the Atlantic Film Festival. His films on Sir John Franklin and the coal miner’s choir the Men of the Deeps amongst others have been screened in Los Angeles, Berlin, London, Havana and Seoul.

Next Thursday in St. John’s, you have the opportunity of seeing A Drummer’s Dream. Filming in a music camp situated in rural Ontario, Walker focusses on some of the most versatile and respected drummers in the world who show that not only have they great drum chops, they have passion, heart, humour and dynamic personalities. Nasyr Abdul-al-Khabyyr, Dennis Chambers, Kenwood Dennard, Horacio Hernandez, Giovanni Hidalgo, Mike Mangini and Raul Rekow all appear and perform.

Like Mack Furlong, John Walker is a drummer. Mack spoke with him this week and asked him where the idea for A Drummer’s Dream came from.

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