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episodes: October 2011 Archives

WAM October 29-30 Lorna Goodison

Lorna Goodison is a Jamaican - Canadian poet who has won the Commonwealth Writers Prize for her poetry and the BC Award for Non-fiction for her memoir, From Harvey River. That book was a finalist for the Charles Taylor Prize and the Trillium Book Award.

Lorna Goodison has just released a new collection of short stories, By Love Possessed, a loosely linked series that looks at life through a microscope, and by seeing that which is small, she also see that which is big.

Lorna Goodison will be reading from her new book next week in St. John’s as part of Memorial University Visiting Authors series. I spoke with her this week and seeing as how most people know her for her poetry and her award-winning memoir, I asked Lorna Goodison how long she’d been writing short stories.

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WAM October 29-30 The Outsiders John Rao

S. E. Hinton wrote The Outsiders in 1967, but the book still resonates with young people.

It’s a production with a twist, though. John Rao, the producer / director of AOR, has turned the production into what he calls a scholarship opportunity for student performers. Roughly half the cast and crew of The Outsiders are students, with the other half being made up of professionals who act as mentors to the students. All the student participants are eligible for a scholarship awarded by the mentors at the end of the production.

John Rao, and his student production assistant, Jordan Steinhauer, joined me in the studio this week to talk about the whole project, and I asked John to give me a summary of the play.

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WAM October 29-30 Anita Singh

“Painting” with wax, encaustic, is an ancient art-form - pieces created centuries ago remain bright and vivid today, like new.

That’s one of the characteristics of encaustic, because beeswax is impervious to moisture.

Another quality of the method is that you can build layers that become or appear to be transparent. This helps the pieces to become more complicated than they first appear.

Anita Singh is a local artist who has recently become enamored of encaustic. The Leyton Gallery of Fine Art is mounting a small exhibit of Anita’s art as New Encaustic Work. It opened in the Gallery this past Thursday, and I joined Anita in the gallery the day before the opening.

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