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WAM September 24-25 Eastern Edge

Eastern Edge Gallery opens two shows this afternoon in St. John’s.

Reversion to the Original Point is created by Dustin Wilson, a New Brunswick artist currently living in Ontario. He’s developed an almost science-fiction project, imagining a future we might not necessarily want.

Eleanor King, a Nova Scotian artist, also imagines the future, but her future, as seen in her project No Signal, imagines a world where we might need more from the past than we realise.

Both shows create a dystopia, but it a mild strain of dystopia. They are Canadian, after all.

I visited the gallery this week and spoke first with Dustin about Reversion to the Original Point. Dustin’s piece starts on your right just as you get inside the door and then stretches for about thirty or forty feet along two walls of the space. There are cartoons, like the flip movies you used to see on the corners of books and magazines, there are landscapes, maps and charts. I asked Dustin if all this work comprised the one piece.

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