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WAM September 17-18 Edith Watson

I love visiting the exhibits that curators pull from the provincial archives at the Rooms because they are so redolent of Newfoundland and Labrador, and breathe such life into the past. They are rarely dry and stuffy, usually intriguing, and sometimes downright spectacular. I think of the show a couple years ago of the photographs taken by Elsie Holloway … gorgeous.

Well, the Archives are back with another winning exhibit, again of photographs, taken in the early 1900’s by American photographer, Edith Watson. Fish, Flake and Farm is the show, and it captures a sense of time and place in this province … country, then … that perhaps was only available to someone not from here.

Craig Tucker curated this exhibit. I spoke with him at the Rooms in St. John’s this week and began by asking him just who was Edith Watson?

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