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WAM September 17-18 Brand New Beat

People of a certain age will remember that song, the Ducats and Hey Hey Woman. They’ll also remember saddle pumps and pompadours… whether they remember them fondly or not, they will remember them!

Well, Rising Tide Theatre’s production of Brand New Beat should have you coming down on the side of fond memories.

Especially if you remember the Art Andrews Dance Party, broadcast live by CJON-TV during the mid-sixties. That’s where the Ducats got some of their early air time. Brand New Beat celebrates many things: Art Andrews; music; dance; social styles.

Rising Tide and the Arts and Culture Centres are presenting the show across the province starting this coming week in St. John’s.

Petrina Bromley co-created Brand New Beat with Amelia Manuel and I spoke with her last week about it. I asked Petrina where the idea came from to do a stage show about a television show.

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