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WAM Sept. 10-11 New Book - "Easy to Like"

Edward Riche’s most recent play, Hail, enjoyed a sold-out run at the LSPU Hall in St. John’s recently. His first novel, Rare Birds, made it to the silver screen. The Nine Planets, his second, sat atop the Globe and Mail’s 2004 best fiction list. He adapted Rare Birds for the movies and has won awards for his radio documentaries and the CBC cult-classic, The Great Eastern. Ed won the NLAC Artist of the year award in 2004, the Winterset Award and the Raddall Atlantic Book award for fiction. Ed’s new book, “Easy to Like”, has just been published. It chronicles the wild ride of Elliot Johnson, a workaday screenwriter in the tinseliest of towns, Los Angeles. But Elliot also makes wine, and while his screenplays seem schlocky, his wine is almost … almost, the best wine you ever tasted. In pursuit of the final ingredient for that wine, at least he hopes it’s the final ingredient, Elliot ends up running CBC TV in Toronto. I invited Ed in to the studio to talk about the new tome.

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