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WAM August 20-21 Portuguese Polaroids

Manfred Buchheit has been taking photographs here in Newfoundland since 1971. Mannie is also an accomplished artist, teacher and has worked as a bartender.

Along with fellow photographer Kent Barrett, Mannie became involved in the downtown arts scene in St. John’s, creating work for theatre companies, musicians, commercial enterprises and more.

One of their collaborations was a series of portraits of Portuguese fishermen who made port here with the White Fleet at the same time as a local theatre company was mounting a play about just that cultural artifact - sailors on the waterfront. They created an exhibit in 1980 called The Portuguese Polaroids.

After the exhibit came down, Mannie put the photos in his vast archive and moved on to other work. But now, these disarmingly simple portraits have made a comeback.

I asked Mannie to begin at the beginning - a very good place to start - and tell us how he discovered the Portuguese Polaroids.

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