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WAM August 6-7 Eastern Edge Art Marathon

Eastern Edge Gallery began their twenty-four hour art marathon over a decade ago. The public interest and artistic action have been growing every year. So much so that Eastern Edge has had to make the 24 HAM a part of a much larger experience - the Art Marathon Festival!

The festival now lasts eight days, from the summer saunter on Saturday, the 13th, a wander through over a dozen gallleries and studios in the downtown area, the official launch on Sunday the 14th, all the way to the excitement of the closing 24-hour art marathon and silent auction taking place on the 20th / 21st.

Jane Walker serves as festival co-ordinator this year, and she came by the Weekend Arts Magazine studio to talk about the festival. I asked her to give us a thumbnail sketch of what to expect over the seven and a half, eight days of activity

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