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WAM July 23-24 Dorothy Palmer

“A spaceship hurtles towards the moon, hippies gather at Woodstock, Charles Manson leads a cult into murder and a Kennedy drives off a Chappaquiddick dock: it’s the summer of 1969. And as mankind takes its giant leap, Jordan May March, disabled bastard and genius, age fourteen, limps and schemes her way towards adulthood.”

That’s the capsule summary of Dorothy Palmer’s debut novel When Fenelon Falls, taken from the back cover of her book.

It doesn’t include the manic monitoring of the CHUM radio Top 40 by the lead character, Jordan, nor the language her adoptive family creates amongst themselves, nor the bear in the cage just up the hill.

For all that, you’ll have to read When Fenelon Falls.

So, when I had the author, Dorothy Palmer, in the studio with me, my first question to her was, where does When Fenlon Falls come from?

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