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WAM July 2-3 Literary Cocktail

Ah, summer. When the heat finally comes, or even while you’re waiting for the heat, nothing beats sipping a cooling cocktail or two. Perhaps you’d rather be hosting a big backyard barbecue, serving Caesars. Whateven, so long as it involves reading. Which is why we want you to give your favourite summer drink a literary twist.

In partnership with the folks at, the same people who brought you the cross-country bookshelf, we’re running a Literary Cocktail contest.

What drink would you serve your favourite literary character? Would Anne Shirley get a Shirley Temple? A Sour Puss for Puss ‘n’ Boots? Would you show off your creative side and create a cocktail yourself? A dark twist on a white Russian for Anna Karenina? When it comes to literary cocktails, we’re up for anything.

To get you started, I asked Jeremy Bonia, the winemaster and co-owner of Raymond’s Restaurant in St. John’s, to serve me a cocktail based on a Newfoundland character or book or poem or writer. Yesterday, I bellied up to his bar.

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