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episodes: July 2011 Archives

WAM July 30-31 David Hayashida

The Jonathon Bancroft Snell Gallery in London, Ontario celebrates pots and potters. This week, the gallery opens Matter of Clay III, an event they pull off every five years.

The gallery invites Canada’s leading ceramicists to exhibit all new work, and this year over one hundred artists will show in their space. The work is valued at nearly a half-million dollars.

The Snell Gallery has invited three potters from Newfoundland and Labrador to the show - Reed Weir from Robinsons, and Linda Yates and David Hayashida, partners in King’s Point Pottery.

David will attend the show which opens Thursday in London, and he joins me on the phone now. Good morning, David.

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WAM July 30-31 Kenneth J. Harvey

Love him or hate him, and he does tend to polarize people, Kenneth J. Harvey is by any measure a successful novelist. He’s written bestsellers and prize winners, and he’s twice been nominated for the Giller Prize and the Commonwealth Writers Prize.

But some people are put off by his subject matter and by his hard-headed confrontation of difficult issues.

His new novel, Reinventing the Rose, goes to just these places. The headlines. The paranormal. Psyches and warped desires. And it may also be his last novel.

Kenneth Harvey joined me in the studio this week for a chat about the book and the future. He began by telling me about the inspiration for Reinventing the Rose.

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WAM July 30-31 Gary Cranford

There is renewed interest in geneology and the past, the lives that were lived and the places in which they were lived.

Flanker Press has just begun an “historic” series that will produce a number of titles that they hope will throw a light upon the history and character of our places and our people.

The first three volumes have just been released: Historic Barr’d Islands; Historic Bay Roberts; and Historic Bell Island.

I asked Flanker Press’s publisher Gary Cranford from whence the idea for the series came.

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