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WAM June 25-26 Dr. Tom Gordon

Doctor Tom Gordon no sooner stepped down as director of the Music School at Memorial University than he stepped up as the new chair of the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council.

Doctor Gordon remains a professor of music at Memorial and performs regularly as a pianist. His training is as a music historian and in that regard, his latest research interest has taken him to coastal Labrador where the Moravian music of the Inuit communities still exists.

Tom Gordon joined me in the studio this week and I asked him what this new position as chair of the NLAC means for him.

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WAM June 25-26 Frederick Lewis

American Rockwell Kent was a painter, a cartoonist, an illustrator, a muralist, a teacher, a writer, an architect, a thinker, a labour-leader, a world-traveller, a womanizer, a troublemaker and a socialist in the small “s” sense. He also lived in Brigus for about a year, in 1914, 1915, before being run out of town as a German sympathizer, although there is much evidence that Kent’s troublesome relationship with the community had more to do with it than his political beliefs did. The house he occupied is commonly called Landfall, or Kent cottage. The house was made a Heritage Structure in 1988.

The most recent visitor has been Frederick Lewis. He is a documentary filmmaker, one of his films was a three-hour piece Retracing Rockwell Kent, and a Professor at the School of Media Arts and Studies at Ohio University. He is currently writing a Rockwell Kent biography.

I spoke with Frederick and asked him how he got to Landfall.

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WAM June 25-26 Grenfell Campus Art Show

Grenfell Campus Art Gallery in Corner Brook opened its summer exhibitions this week.

They include Salmon Run, by Urve Manuel. You may have seen this piece at the Craft Council Gallery in St. John’s recently, and Urve was a guest on this show. Salmon Run is an installation of more than 90 glass fish swimming up a glass river while a glass osprey circles overhead.

Also opening is a Learning through the Arts in Western Newfoundland exhibition, Creatures and Habitats. It is created by Grade Twos who worked with artist-facilitator Chris Short on projects exploring science through visual arts.

The third show is Rare Reflections, a two-person exhibition of the textile art of Hilary Rice married to the sculptural vessels of jeweller Wesley Harris.

I was intrigued by the team and got them into the studio. I began by asking Hilary to describe the kind of work she does … how she creates and what she creates.

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