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May 21-22 Elizabeth Park Elementary School Song

Elizabeth Park Elementary School in Paradise is a brand new school, but it already has some history, and a school song!

When their old school in Paradise was closed because of mold issues, the students all moved to the School for the Deaf building while they awaited the completion of their new digs. They’d been there since last September, but this February moved into their new location.

Teacher Donna Howse Winsor decided a new school needed a school song. She canvassed the children for ideas, her husband put them into lyrics, and noted composer Clifford Crawley was commissioned to create the melody.

This week, with the assistance of music teacher Louise Collins, Brian Way on piano, Kelly Ann Evans as guest vocalist and Rich Blenkinsopp at the recording console of Petro-Canada Hall in Memorial University’s School of Music, a choir of grade 4 and 5 singers recorded the Elizabeth Park Elementary School Song. And I was there!

I spoke with a half-dozen of the choristers before they went in to the recording session.

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