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episodes: May 2011 Archives

WAM May 28-29 Stuart McLaughlin

Stuart McLaughlin is Chief Executive of Business to Arts, Developing Creative Partnerships. He’s based in Dublin and has been working the field between the two camps since 2007. And he puts his money … or your money … where his mouth is. In 2009, he was Ireland’s Fundraiser of the Year.

Stuart McLaughlin was in St. John’s this week to speak at a Roundtable discussion for the Business and Arts Initiative, local group that believes artists need support from business just as business needs creative people to compete in today’s economy.

I spoke with Stuart earlier this week. I asked him how you can make business and art meet and help each other.

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WAM May 28-29 Kyran Pittman

Kyran Pittman is the daughter of legendary Newfoundland poet Al Pittman. Now Kyran is becoming legendary in her own right.

Her internet blogging caught the interest of Good Housekeeping magazine several years ago and she’s been a contributing editor there ever since.

Now, Kyran has entered the world of memoirs … memoirdom, you might call it.

Planting Dandelions - Field Notes from a Semi-Domesticated Life a memoir is her take on life, love, children, leaving, staying and just plain being.

I caught up with Kyran when she was in Toronto last week touring in support of the book. Here’s our conversation.

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WAM May 28-29 Cheryl Hickman

Opera on the Avalon enters its third year as both a training program and a festival.

Cheryl Hickman and her faculty welcome young singers and musicians from around the world for an in-depth learning experience in and around St. John’s. Cheryl joins me in the studio. Good morning, Cheryl.

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