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episodes: April 2011 Archives

April 30- May 1 Three Poets

There are three Newfoundland poets up for the EJ Pratt Poetry Award and all three are with me this morning…congrats to Tom Dawe…nominated for Where Genesis Begins a book of his poems paired with the art of Gerry Squires published by Breakwater Books

George Murray is nominated for his book of aphorisms Glimpse published by ECW Press

Patrick Warner is nominated for his book of poetry MOLE….published by Anansi Press

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April 30- May 1 Anthony McAllister

The Newfoundland Regiment is renowned for many things, probably most notably for the battle at Beaumont - Hamel.

But historian Anthony McAllister has uncovered an episode of equal bravery under fire.

He tells the story of the regiment and the battle at Monchy-le-Preux on April 14, 1917, nine short months following Beaumont Hamel, in his new book, The Greatest Gallantry.

I spoke with Anthony McAllister this week.

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April 30 May 1 Eastern Edge

Eastern Edge Gallery currently has on exhibition two new installations from young Canadian artists — Jonathan Villeneuve from Quebec and Kip Jones from Ontario.

Both works share some commonalities - they use wood as construction material and they make you think about what surrounds us … the banal, the plain, things we take for granted.

Villeneuve’s piece, Wavelength, looks and sounds like a throbbing back deck turned on its side, while Jones’s piece, Linear Gesture, carves up that most common of human environments, shared space.

I spoke with Jonathan Villeneuve about his bumping, boiling piece. You’ll hear a little of that before we turned it off.

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