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February 19-20 Keri From Kilbride

Keri Roden kemp has become a star…in our little solar system and amongs the Ellen show’s huge fanbase. Keri appeared on the show a couple of weeks ago with a truly wild big hair picture. Her appearance became an internet sensation. Not just because of her unruly mane…but because of her unruly nature…she was like the energeizer bunny.. on speed. She whipped the Ellen audience and Ellen herself into a frenzy whith her woo hoos and pogo stick jumping around the stage.

She left such an impression, Ellen had her back and told her she was sending her to the Grammy Awards last week to interview the stars on the red carpet…I thought Keri was going to have a stroke when Ellen told her…..and what fun Keri had…I felt like I was on the red carpet…a normal nerd (who once had big hair) from Grand Falls getting hugged by Lenny Kravtiz…LENNY KRAVITZ!!!!…I tracked down Keri this week at home…where she is hiding out from all the new attention.

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