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February 19-20 E-Book Panel

Our literary scene is the ENVY of the country…the hottest authors are from the rock as was evidenced by Kathleen Winter’s boatload of nominations for last year’s hit novel ‘Annabel.” There’s Crummey, Moore, McKay, the other Winter, and Grant…the list goes on and on….AND there’s our thriving local non-fiction and historical scene…look at the size of the local titles section at Chapters the next time you visit. This week The Canadian Publishers Association met in Toronto to chat about their challenges and one of the main topics was e-readers and the digitization of books. It got me wondering…How many NL titles are available for e -readers?…it turns out not that many…AND Annabel the multi nominated Kathleen Winter novel …is NOT available to holders of the Kobo, Kindle or Sony E-Reader.

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