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February 19-20 "Coming Up On Weekend AM"

This weekend on WAM, actor, writer and active arts volunteer Ruth Lawrence has started to tally up the unpaid hours of volunteer work she does to keep the Galoot of a Culture functioning…we’ll ask her what drove her to it! Composer Clark Ross comes in to chat up his JUNO nom…the first in the history of the MUN School of Music, Angela Antle tracks down big haired Keri from Kilbride and asks her what it was REALLY like to be on the Grammy’s red carpet and get a hug from Lenny Kravitz, and Justin Beiber and Ray Lamontagne….and… Rita Chiarelli will be on the show chatting up her concert in St. John’s and singer songwriter Peter Elkas is coming back…PLUS on Liner Notes “What a Time” Ryan’s Fancy looks back on 40 years of music making.