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February 5-6 Oil and Water Artistic Fraud

The story of Lanier Phillips has inspired the likes of Bill Cosby and many others. Phillips was a black mess attendent on the USS Truxton when it sank off the Burin Peninsula in 1941.

Lanier was rescued and cared for by the people of St. Lawrence…he said it was the first time he had ever received kindness from a white person. That experience had a profound effect on him…inspiring him to further his education. Lanier Phillips eventually became the US navy’s first black sonar technician. He has also brought his family back to St. Lawrence and helped construct a playground there. He speaks all over the US about the kindness of Newfoundlanders and how it changed his life. Artisitc Fraud Theatre Compnay is bringing his story to life on the stage at the LSPU Hall where I met up with playwright Robert Chafe and director Jillian Keiley during a rehearsal.

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