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WAM Feb 16 The Tonmeister

Here at the Weekend Arts Magazine, we like to find out what people behind the scenes in the arts world do. The set designers, booking agents, or wardrobe designers are at.Today, Geoff Martin. Geoff has engineered himself into a major position at one of the most prestigious sound equipment manufacturers in the world - he is tonmeister for Bang & Olufsen in Copenhagen.What, you might ask is a tonmeister, and how do you get to be one of those?Those are questions I put to Geoff when I spoke with him recently.

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WAM Feb 16 Michael Wert

Michael Wert is a writer and researcher with a passion for the stories of the Blue Puttees. Who were they? What were they like? How did the war affect them?

If you are related to a member of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment who served in World War I, then perhaps you could help Michael tell those important, human stories.

Michael plans a television documentary hoping that in truth, we will always remember. When The Boys Came Home: The Blue Puttees After the Great War. What got him started? He found a copy of the inaugural 1920 Blue Puttees reunion program.

Today, Michael is in Corner Brook and hopes you will come out and meet him, perhaps share a family story.

I spoke with Michael this week and asked him what he imagines the documentary will look like.

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