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August 2013 Archives

WAM Aug 31- Sept 01 Liner Notes - Sonny Tripp

This week on Liner Notes, Angela Antle interviews St. John's band Sonny Tripp.

Their CD is called Zoo and they cite Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr. as inspiration.


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WAM Aug 24-25 Liner Notes - Don Brownrigg

Don Brownrigg broke onto the music schene with his 2007 cd Wander Songs. A collection of radio friendly, melodic tunes with solid songwriting.

Brownrigg who grew up in the Codroy Valley is now based in Halifax - and his musical talent and collaborations are now taking him all over the world. When I talked to him he was performing at the Calgary Folk Festival. Maybe all that travel is the reason it's taken him this long to come up with a second CD.

Whatever the reason , we're glad he finally got around to it. Don Brownrigg's new disc is called 'It Takes all Kinds to Make This World, I Find'.


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WAM Aug 17-18 Liner Notes - Ralph O'Brien

Ralph O'Brien has been a main stay in the Newfoundland and Labrador folk scene since the 70's.  Over the years he's played in many bands and acted as a mentor to some of the biggest acts from this province - but - it was only last month that he released his FIRST solo album.  It's called About Time.  Ralph O'Brien joins guest-host Krissy Holmes in studio.

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WAM Aug 10-11 Liner Notes - Tara Rowsell

Grand Falls gospel singer Tara Rowsell has just released her first CD, Eagle's Wings. It's a collection of gospel songs, including two of her own, and it comes after years of performing with friends and familly. I sat down with Tara to talk about Eagle's Wings. First I asked her what inspired her to record her first CD.


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WAM Aug 03-04 Booker Prize winning author Anne Enright

I remember the first time I heard Anne Enright read. It was the year she won the Booker prize and I was in my kitchen probably cleaning up after breakfast listening to The Sunday Edition. Michael Enright was interviewing this lovely Irish author named Anne and I was listening in a slightly distracted way as I wiped down the counters and fiddled around. And then this 'Anne' started to read from  booker Prize winning book: The Gathering. It was a fairly banal scene about a woman in a car driving to or from the airport but the characters voice lept out of the radio and I was transfixed...devouring and being devoured by the writing. and so it is a great pleasure to be sitting here with that same Anne - Anne Enright. This year's special guest for Winterset in Summer.


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WAM Aug 03-04 Liner Notes - Craig Young

Time for Liner Notes, and this morning on the Weekend AM we feature Craig Young with his new CD "Black Diamond Strings". Craig Young has been playing the guitar since the age of seven and started playing in his first band at the age of thirteen. Craig has won four CCMA awards for  The Canadian Country Music Association All Star Band (Guitarist category) and  has had several top 40 singles. Craig is now living in St. John's and teaches at a school in Paradise.


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