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June 2013 Archives

WAM June 29-30 Liner Notes - David Guy of Dust Radio

This morning on Weekend AM we've got David Guy of Dust Radio with their new CD "A broken heart or the break of day".


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WAM June 29-30 Chef Andrew Parsons

Andrew Parson's is a passionate chef. The 24 year old Newfoundlander first connected with food in a meaningful way when his nan let him butter the bread that jiust came out of the oven. Who wouldn't....?

There were a few career detours through Boston Pizza, a welding gig and a stint dishwashing at Bacalao.

And it was there at Bacalao that chef Mike Barsky gave him a break and invited him to cook for the Gold Medal Plates competition.

Now as the executive chef for the Canadian High Commission in Delhi, Andrew will travel the continent and cook for large banquets and private dinners.

I asked him how he got into the food business.


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WAM June 22-23 Liner Notes - Lloyd Thornhill

Time for Liner Notes, and this morning on WAM we feature Lloyd Thornhill with his new CD "Just For a Moment".


Lloyd Thornhill joined forces with Glenn Simmons, Paul "Boomer" Stamp and Paul Kinsman to record his new CD "Just For a Moment". It's been 40 years since Lloyd Thornhill and Glenn Simmons originally played cover tunes at the Bella Vista with their band Stained Glass. After following different paths since that time, they recently decided to reunite and work on Thornhill's earlier material plus some newly written songs.


I asked Lloyd about being a retired teacher and what he taught:



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WAM June 15-16 Liner Notes - The Split Peas

Time for Liner Notes, and this morning on WAM we feature the Split Peas, a local Twillingate singing group that's celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year.


Take a church organist, a singer/songwriter, a couple of accordion players and some simply sweet voices...throw them together on a stage in Twillingate...and you have The Split Peas. Seven female friends whose love of music grew into the group which has been entertaining people in Twillingate and beyond for years.


The CBC's Jo-Ann Dooley spoke to two members of the Split Peas, Gerry Poirier and Ada Piercey Jenkins.


Split peas 1.jpg

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WAM June 8-9 Liner Notes - Charlotte-Anne Malischewski

Time now for Liner Notes.

At 21 years old, St. John's fiddler Charlotte-Anne Malischewski is already a veteran on the folk music scene. 

She can play everything from klezmer to Celtic to classical on the fiddle - and after years of arranging songs in all of those genres, the law student decided to record her first cd. 

Krissy Holmes reached her last week in Kolkata, India, where she is studying for the summer.



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WAM June 1-2 Liner Notes - Mathias Kom and The Burning Hell

Time for Liner Notes, and this morning on the WAM we feature The Burning Hell with the release of their new album People.

The Burning Hell is the alter-ego of songwriter and ukulele-slinger Mathias Kom. Loosely based in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, The Burning Hell has toured back and forth across Canada and Europe since 2007, playing everywhere from festivals to bars to living rooms - and once even a mental asylum in rural France. The new CD "People" consists mostly of songs that Mathias wrote for his 2012 RPM album and these have been given the full band treatment for a completely new sound. They are on an extensive tour this summer which will take them all over the globe.

I asked Mathias is the rumer true that Burning Hell has relocated to Germany?


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