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WAM April 27-28 Liner Notes - Psychobilly Cadillacs

Time for Liner Notes, and this morning on the WAM we feature the Psychobilly Cadillacs with their new self-titled release 6 song EP.

The Psychobilly Cadillacs formed in the late 80's after playing country n' blisterin' music and are from St. John's, Newfoundland. "We call ourselves old country but cross into punky-tonk, barnyard rock, psychobilly and everything in between," says band member Smokey Tucker. The band includes Smokey Tucker, Johnny "Bonfire" Jones, Skeet Breeder and Calvin Lawless. Special guests include Chris Ledrew , Geoff Panting, Kelly-Ann Evans, Natalie Noseworthy, and Janet Cull.

Here's mack Furlong's interview with the Psychobillys


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WAM April 27-28 Sunday Scoff #1

Today we're launching a new feature on WAM called Sunday Scoff.

Every week we'll sample some creative Newfoundland cuisine and

visit with the province's foodies and chefs.

This week...I'm in the kitchen at Magnum and Stein's a fine dining restaurant on Duckworth street watching exeutive chef Chris Chafe whip up his version of Halibut and hash...

....and this is hash like you've never had it before.....roasted butternut squash, shallots, blueberries, spinach, maple flavour bacon and cara cara oranges.... he paired his halibut with a squab.

Chris just appeared as one of the contestants on the television Top Chef Canada..he's about 25 years old....I asked him how he got started as a chef.


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WAM April 27-28 Sheldon Smithens

If you've got a barn or basement full of great stuff - you're in luck. That dynamic duo - the "Canadian Pickers" - are making a return visit to our province. They'll be filming in June.
 Sheldon Smithens is one half of "Canadian Pickers".

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WAM April 20-21 Liner Notes - Duo Concertante

Time for Liner Notes, and this morning on the Weekend Arts Magazine we feature Duo Concertante, Nancy Dahn on violin and Timothy Steeves on piano, with their new recording - the complete sonatas for violin and piano by Beethoven.

Duo Concertante have traveled and performed around the world, receiving wide acclaim for their work.

Though violin and piano duos often consist of a main violin solo with piano accompaniment, the works chosen by Duo Concertante incorporate both instruments as being equally important to the music. Thus, the Beethoven! Here's a selection from their new recording:

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WAM April 20-21 Alan Doyle

Great Big Sea are on the great big road, touring great big North America in support of their new cd, XX.

That's twenty years, not XX strength booze in a jug.  XX is a  two-disc collection capturing many musical highlights from the band's career, plus six brand new recordings,

Yes, Great Big Sea are twenty years old and they're in the middle of their anniversary tour, headed towards Newfoundland in a week.

I caught Alan Doyle having lunch in a roadside diner and asked him how the band is celebrating their twentieth anniversary.

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WAM April 20-21 David Kelleher-Flight

Praised by Opera News for his "flawless diction and flexible lyric baritone," St. John's singer David Kelleher-Flight will, tonight, tread the boards of the venerable New York City Center theater in his New York City Opera debut.

David graduated from Memorial University's school of music and then travelled abroad to study and build his career.

Well, NYC is quite the place to begin - but he's already had his Carnegie Hall Debut, his Lincoln Centre debut ... and now it's time for the New York City Opera.

I rang up David this week.

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WAM April 20-21 Michael Massie and Lisa Moore

Cuts to College of the North Atlantic's Visual Arts Program in Stephenville raise the ire of students past.  The College lost more than 100 jobs across all disciplines and areas of operation across the province, including the entire Visual Arts Program, as mentioned, in Stephenville.

At least two graduates of the visual arts program are upset by the news. Michael Massie is a contemporary Inuit artist who holds a certificate in commercial art and a diploma in visual arts from the college; and writer Lisa Moore, who studied art in Stephenville.

Michael joins us by phone and Lisa is here in the studio with me.


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WAM April 20-21 Mark Callanan and James Langer

An anthology of contemporary poets offers an opportunity to gauge the progress gained or themes explored by writers from a somewhat similar time.

Breakwater Books this week will launch their Book of Contemparary Newfoundland Poetry. It includes work from writers as different as Al Pittman, Carmelita McGrath, Patrick Warner and Ken Babstock.

Poets Mark Callanan and James Langer were tasked with editing the book - choosing the writers and work that would be representactive of those writers.

Mark and James joined me in the studio this week and I began our conversation by asking Mark why the world needs a collection of contemporary Newfoundland poets.


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WAM April 20-21 Tanya Shirley

Tanya Shirley is a Jamaica-born poet whose debut collection of poems, She Who Sleeps With Bones, was a Jamaican best-seller in 2009.  Her poems have been anthologized and she currently teaches at the University of the West Indies in Mona, Jamaica.

Tanya Shirley travelled to Newfoundland this week to participate in the April Rabbit, an annual celebration of poetry, prose and music held at the Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, in Corner Brook.  She will be giving a one-woman presentation this evening

I spoke with her yesterday and asked Tanya to tell us about her work, what it is she's investigating with her poetry.

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The Big Shoe for April 20 - 21, 2013

We announce the winners of our Cohen Poem contest!  Entries from all parts of the province will be pooled and two poets will receive our Grand Prize Gift package, courtesy Sony Records and the Weekend Arts Magazine, consisting of the book "I'm Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen" written by Sylvie Simmons; a copy of Leonard's new CD "Old Ideas" and a vinyl copy of the new recording; plus the double CD "The Essential Leonard Cohen".

Alan Doyle reports from the road as Great Big Sea tour in support of their XX recording, celebrating the band's twentieth anniversary.

Jamaican poet Tanya Shirley reads in Corner Brook this weekend, she'll talk about islands and poetry.

Lawnya Vawnya is underway in St. John's and the weekend promises much musical activity; Mathias Kom will report.

Breakwater Books releases a collection of Contemporary Newfoundland Poetry; editors Mark Callanan and James Langer will discuss.

On Liner Notes, the Duo Concertante with their complete recordings of the Beethoven Sonatas for violin and piano.

WAM April 13-14 Liner Notes - Adam McGrath

Time for Liner Notes, and this morning we feature Adam McGrath & The Tearjerkers with their new CD, "My Colour Red".

The band is lead by Adam McGrath on vocals/guitar, Mark Peddle on Bass, Jon Ledrew on Guitar and Adam Staple on Drums/Backup Vocals. The Tearjerkers are releasing their debut album, mixed by Spencer Crewe who has worked with many groups and artists such as Great Big Sea, The Punters, Barry Canning, and The Ennis Sisters.

In a moment you'll hear Adam McGrath and his interview with me, but first we'll begin with a song from the disc, this is "Drink her too much".


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WAM April 13-14 Claire Wilkshire

Claire Wilkshire is a freelance writer, editor, translator and teacher.

Now she is a novelist.

Breakwater Books recently launched Claire's first novel, Maxine, a book about writing and about discovery.  I spoke with Claire this week.

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WAM April 13-14 Joan Sullivan

I received a press release from MUN recently that said "As of April 1, Newfoundland and Labrador's oldest magazine, the Newfoundland Quarterly, officially became a public engagement unit of Memorial University."

The Quarterly has been around for many years, reporting on the ephemera of our province as well as the substantive changes. The Quarterly also publishes poetry and fiction, book reviews and memoirs.

It is a veritable, and venerable, institution.

So, I wanted to know what this press release I received would mean to it, to you its readers, and to Joan Sullivan, its editor.

I invited Joan into the Weekend Arts Magazine's studios.

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WAM April 13-14 Chad Pelley

Chad Pelley is one busy award-winning writer. His short stories have been published all across the country, added to textbooks, and anthologizes. He runs the literary blog Salty Ink, and his debut novel, Away From Everywhere, was a Coles Best-seller and is being adapt for film.

Aside from all this, Chad has found time to write his second novel, which was launched on Thursday evening in St. John's. He joined me in the studio last week and I first of all congratulated Chad on the release of Every Little Thing.


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WAM April 6-7 Noreen Golfman

Perhaps there was a moment of silence at your local cinema last night. If there wasn't, there should have been.

For many people, Roger Ebert was the movies.

He was the first film critic to win the Pulitzer Prize. His reviews appeared in over 200 newspapers.

He was host of a popular television movie review show with Gene Siskel, which began in the 1970s.

In the last decade Ebert battled multiple forms of cancer. He died on Thursday at the age of 70.

Fillmakers and movie goers all over North America are mouring Ebert...Including, Newfoundland's own film buff Noreen Golfman.

Our Beth Macdonell spoke with her from London, England.

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WAM April 6-7 Liner Notes - Rod Caines

Rod Caines comes from a west coast family whose roots extend through several decades of Newfoundland music. If you go back to the 1970's and 80's you'll recall bands like the String Busters, Garrison Hill, and TNT. 

It took him a while to get around to it. But Rod recently released his first solo album.

He's our guest this week on Liner Notes. Rod Caines joined the CBC's Glen Tilley to talk about his music and career. Let's begin with the title track from his album, "Crazy When The Sun Goes Down".


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WAM April 6-7 Mayor Dennis O'Keefe

At least 16 cruise ships are expected to rumble into St. John's Harbour this year.
Thats a lot of tourists, and the hope, of course, is that they arrive looking to lighten their wallets.
A rousing welcome never hurts, and with that in mind, the city of St. John's is holding auditions.
This summer, local acts will be hired to entertain the thousands who come streaming off the boats.
Beth Macdonell headed down to City Hall and sat down with Mayor Dennis O'Keefe to find out more.

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WAM April 6-7 Lori Deeley

It's been a rough few weeks for staff and students at the College of the North Atlantic .

More than 100 jobs are being axed as a result of the recent provincial budget.

That means classes and programs are being cut, including the Visual Arts Program.

And the move isn't sitting well with people like Lori Deeley. She's a Visual Arts Instructor at the College of the North Atlantic in Stephenville. She spoke with reporter Beth Macdonell from her office in Stephenville.

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