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WAM March 16-17 Fieldwork - Photography exhibit at The Rooms

Fieldwork is a joint exhibit containing the work of three documentary photographers - Steve Payne, John Haney and Scott Walden - who have a deep and abiding passion for this province. 

Steve Payne's Front is a collection of photos that capture what you might call the "Western facade" on stores and houses that almost inexplicably is popular across the province.  They look like the fake fronts of saloons and other buildings in cowboy movies.

John Haney's Common Prayer is a series that shows houses of prayer - or houses that used to be about prayer - across the Atlantic Provinces.  What once were churches may now be condos or souvenir shops.

Sott Walden's series is called All the Clubs From Holyrood to Brigus, and features slice-of-life snapshots of the watering holes along the Conception Bay Highway, Route 60.

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