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WAM Jan 26-27 Liner Notes - Surgeon

Surgeon is the band, and it is comprised of guitarists Andrew Wicks and Steve Cowan, bass player Josh Ward and drummer Phil Maloney.  Josh and Phil are the rhythm section for Hey Rosetta.  Andrew and Steve are both classical guitarists.

When they manage to be in the same town at the same time, they like to challenge themselves with intricate and melodic tunes.  Phil and Steve joined me in the Liner Notes studio to talk about their new cd, Fjords.  But first, here's what some of it sounds like

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WAM Jan 26-27 Monica Walsh, Andy Jones and Steve Lush

For the third successive year, Kanutu Theatre is producing "An evening of Chekhov". This year, the Chekhov celebration highlightsThe Lady with The Lap Dog- A Short Play,  an original Andy Jones one act play adapting the famous Chekhov short story "Lady With The Dog."

The play is directed by Charlie Tomlinson and stars Monica Walsh and Steve Lush.  Monica is also the, what would you say, owner?  instigator? proprietor of Kanutu Theatre Company.

Monica, Andy, and Steve joined me in the studio.  On the way to getting Andy to tell me about his play, I asked him to tell us about the Anton Chekhov short story.

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WAM Jan 26-27 Elling Lien & Mathias Kom

February is on the horizon and the 2013 RPM Challenge beckons.

What is this challenge I speak of, you say?

Verily, to rise to this challenge, you should record 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material in the 28 days of February.  There.  Not many rules, are there.

Elling Lien is the editor of the Scope Entertainment magazine and a proponent of the RPM Challenge.  Mathias Kom is a member of The Burning Hell and a man who has successfully met the challenge.  They join me in the studio this morning.  Elling, welcome back to the Weekend Arts Magazine.

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WAM Jan 26-27 Andrew Staniland & Jason Caslor

The New Found Music Festival originated ten years ago with a focus on contemporary music.  Clark Ross, a composition professor at Memorial University's School of Music, founded the Festival to encourage both the creation and performance of new works.

Clark has stepped down from directorship of the festival.  Andrew Staniland and Jason Caslor, two profs you've heard from here on Weekend AM previously, now co-chair the event.  They decided to celebrate the tin anniversary with a nod to the works of Clark Ross.  And they also invited one very special guest to the event.

I spoke with Andrew and Jason this week and began by asking Andrew to tell me a little about the tenth version of the New Found Music Festival.

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WAM Jan 26-27 Sharon Leriche & Anne Manuel

In the previous half hour of the Weekend Arts Magazine you heard me talk with curator Denis Longchamps about Boxed In, a co-exhibit between the Rooms Provincial Art Gallery and the Craft Countil Gallery. So after my gab with Denis, I drove on down to the Craft Council to view their part of this remarkable exhibit.  I spoke there with Sharon Leriche, the second of the three people responsible for Boxed In.  The third, Anne Manuel, was also there with us.  I began by asking Sharon what Boxed In means to her.

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WAM Jan 26-27 Denis Longchamps

Boxed In is a national exhibition of small sculptural works opening this weekend at two locations in St. John's: The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, where they cut the sash last night; and the Craft Council Gallery on Devon Row, which throws open the doors today at 2 p.m.

Curated by Denis Longchamps, the show's pieces have each been created to fit a box of a certain size ... a small size!

I visited the Rooms earlier this week to have a peek at the show and spoke with Denis there. I asked him from where the inspiration for the show Boxed In came?


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WAM Jan 26-27 Leslie Vryenhoek

The Writers' Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador continues celebrating its 25th year of operation on the literary front by joining forces with the Newfoundland Quarterly in creating a Postcard Story Contest.

Leslie Vryenhoek and Andy Jones are the judges for the contest. Leslie has some experience in the postcard story contest business - she's won a couple of them!

In hopes of spurring you on and encouraging your participation, I contacted Leslie yesterday and asked her what makes a good postcard story.


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The Show! January 26 and 27, 2013

Andrew Staniland and Jason Caslor explain what the New Found Music festival will celebrate in its tenth season.  Boxed In, a national exhibit where art and craft meet, opens at both the Rooms and the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador Gallery before it sets out on tour.  Pianist Coco Leung makes her professional debut, we'll talk about that daunting prospect.  February approaches, the annual Record Production Month - Elling Lien talks about taking the RPM Challenge.  Liner Notes features the progressive rock band Surgeon and their new cd, Fjords.

WAM Jan 19-20 Amy House

It must be the end of budget year and businesses are cleaning out their accounts.  CBC, Fortis, Cox and Palmer and Memorial University announced support for the Arts Council Awards.  The Bruneaus fork over a million bucks to the School of Music, and the Resource Centre for the Arts and the LSPU Hall announced that ExxonMobil Canada was going to contribute $30,000 towards operation costs at the Hall and for the production of new Newfoundland and Labrador plays.

What does Amy House say?  Amy is the artistic animateur of the Resource Centre for the Arts and she joins me this morning.  Welcome back to the Weekend Arts Magazine, Amy.

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WAM Jan 19-20 Dr. Ellen Waterman

Drs. Jean and Angus Bruneau have donated one million dollars to the School of Music at Memorial University.  The funds will enable the school to establish the Bruneau Centre for Excellence in Choral Music.

The Bruneaus have a history of philanthropy at Memorial.  Dr. Bruneau established the Faculty of Engineering Department at MUN, founded Fortis Incorporated, and served as CEO and president of Newfoundland Power.  He and his wife previously donated a similar amount to the university's engineering school.

Dr. Ellen Waterman is the dean of the School of Music, the recipient of this largesse, and I spoke with her earlier this week.  I asked Dr. Waterman how she felt when she heard the Bruneaus wanted to give her a million dollars?

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WAM Jan 19-20 David Hart

David Hart is a musician from Sheshatshiu, who wanted to make a CD for many years and with the help of family and friends he has finally made his dream come true. He was inspired by performers such as John Fogerty and the bands Meshekamau and Kashtin. David dropped by the Labrador Morning studio to share his story with Tony Dawson.

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WAM Jan 19-20 Whitney Foss

Grenfell announced this week that Whitney is this year's winner of the Art Dealer's Association of Canada Foundation art scholarship, worth two thousand dollars. The foundation chooses a school of art from a different region in the country each year and selects a promising student from a series of nominations for this award.  I contacted Whitney this week and asked her how surprized she was to be notified she'd won this year's scholarship.

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WAM Jan 19-20 Carmine Starnino

Acclaimed poet Carmine Starnino, author of four collections of poems, has won the A.M. Klein Award for poetry - twice! -, the Canadian Authors Associate Prize and been nominated for the Governor General's award.  He is also a critic and an editor - he edited The New Canon: An Anthology of Canadian Poetry, and his most recent book is a collection of essays and reviews of contemporary poetry. He is in the province this weekend taking part in the Sparks Literary Festival, wearing all the hats he owns.  Tomorrow he will read some of his work.

Carmine Starnino joins me in the studio this morning, welcome to the Weekend Arts Magazine.

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WAM Jan 19-20 Glenn Gosse

The Writers Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador has spawned a new editors' group in St. John's - ETS (Editors Talk Shop). T

his group is getting active by presenting a workshop this coming week, but it ain't about editing. MONEY AND THE SELF-EMPLOYED EDITOR is a talk to be given by Glenn Gosse on Tuesday night in St. John's. Glenn runs Business Edge Accounting & Tax Inc. 

He will offer tips on how to handle your money, particularly with the tax-filing deadline on the horizon. You don't have to be an editor to attend Glenn's presentation.  In fact, all self-employed people in related professions are welcome - actors, writers, painters, filmmakers, dancers, musicians ... you get the idea.

Glenn Gosse joined me in the studio yesterday to give me a brief rundown on what he'll be talking about on Tuesday.  I asked him "what should self-employed artists know about taxes as we approach that time of year?"


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Weekend Arts Magazine, January 19 and 20, 2013

Dr. Ellen Waterman celebrates a $1 million contribution to the future of choral singing in Newfoundland and Labrador by talking about where and how the School of Music at Memorial will spend the dollars.  Poet and editor Carmine Starnino visits the province for the SPARKS literary festival and will talk about editing and poeting.  Liner Notes features the new disc from Sheshatshiu's David Hart.

WAM Jan 12-13 Liner Notes People on Pause

People on Pause describe themselves as "a pack of Newfoundlanders who ran away to the mainland to sing rock and roll songs in Montreal." "The pack" started out as a collaboration between Alexander Bridger and Justin Guzzwell when they released their debut album as part of the 2010 Scope RPM Challenge. You hear about that February-month event every year, here on Weekend AM. It's coming up again soon, so this seems an auspicious time to show you what an RPM challenge can lead to! Since accomplishing that task, Alex and Justin have expanded their project into a larger band that includes Steve Cowan, Deidre Driscoll, Adam Tiller and Chang Ling.

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WAM Jan 12-13 Mary Dalton

The fourth annual SPARKS Literary Festival takes place next weekend in St. John's at Memorial University. Although situated in the capitol city, the festival honours the province's writing community and goes out of its way to include students and graduates from MUN's creative writing programs.

Poet Mary Dalton is the director of the festival and I invited her into the studio to light the bonfire that will attract you to this smoldering event.

So I first asked Mary what SPARKS is and what it celebrates.

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WAM Jan 12-13 Rising Tide Theatre

Guests were Donna Butt, Berni Stapleton, and Jim Payne.

Rising Tide Theatre Pokes Fun at 2012 with Revue Tour

The cast for Revue 2012 includes: Rick Boland, Jim Payne, Michael Power, Tina Randell and Berni Stapleton. The performance is full of energy and will leave everybody with plenty to reflect on from the past year.

There are still tickets available for all performances. For more Revue 2012 information visit


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Weekend Arts Magazine for January 12 and 13th

SPARKS Literary Festival burns brightly next weekend in St. John's, poet Mary Dalton will poke the embers and fire your interest in this event.  Marie-Josée Framboise opens an exhibit at the Grenfell Campus Art Gallery in Corner Brook this week and she'll talk about Network Installations.  Liner Notes feature People on Pause with their skewed version of pop music as evidenced by their new release, Registrar's Lobby.

WAM Jan 5-6 Dr. Joel Heath

Beginning tomorrow in St. John's, and showing for four nights at Empire Theatres, People of A Feather hits the screen.  This film has won awards in San Francisco, Vancouver, New Zealand, Korea, Estonia and New York. The blurb for the film says in part: "Featuring groundbreaking footage from seven winters in the Arctic, People of a Feather takes you through time into the world of Inuit on the Belcher Islands in Hudson Bay. Connecting past present and future in a unique cultural relationship with the eider duck. Eider down, the warmest feather in the world, allows both Inuit and bird to survive harsh Arctic winters. But now both people and eiders face the challenges posed by changing sea ice and ocean currents disrupted by the massive hydroelectric dams powering eastern North America." The film is directed, produced and written by St. John's native, Dr. Joel Heath, and he joins me in the studio this morning, welcome to the Weekend Arts Magazine, Joel.
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WAM Dec 29-30 Chad Pelley and Elisabeth de Mariaffi

Prizes were won; authors were feted; publishers took chances; and 2012 looks like it was a good year for many writers and their publishers. Chad Pelley is the Interim Executive Director Writers' Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador and Elisabeth de Mariaffi is a writer and the communications director of Breakwater Books.
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