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October 1-2 On The Weekend Arts Magazine

Mack Furlong joins in conversation with: poet and novelist Jane Urquhart, who is presenting this year’s Pratt Lecture on Saturday evening; Jamie Fitzpatrick, whose debut novel You Could Believe in Nothing is out in time for the start of hockey season; Kevin Tobin, Kevin Blackmore and Wayne Chaulk about their new book, Chainsaw Earle, and ; visual artist Sarah Hillock about her contribution to the Bestiary at the Leyton Gallery of Fine Art in St. John’s. Liner Notes features the new disc from Gary French, Sweetest Thing.

Mark your X for a song to represent each of the major political parties running in the provincial election! Call at the number below - we’ll be sending out gift prizes of cds, books, tee-shirts! Who knew elections could be such fun?

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