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WAM July 16-17 This week on the Weekend Arts Magazine

Mack visits the new home of the Christina Parker Gallery and reports back on some of the art and artists there. Award winning singer songwriter Chris Kirby hosts another of his “Whose Song in it Anyway?” song circles - what is it, anyway? You’ll find out. Actor / writer Petrina Bromley found a collection of photographs that has inspired her to write a play. Former CODCO actors Robert Joy, Andy Jones and Greg Malone all star in different productions of Shakespeare this summer … how cool is THAT? They’ll tell us. Liner Notes on Sunday morning features the new album from David Picco.

If you just can’t drag yourself out of bed 6:00 to 9:30 on Saturday and Sunday - 5:30 to 9:00 in parts of Labrador - to be with Mack , then check his podcasts and streaming interviews, available at Or follow @CBCWam on Twitter. Or take advantage of Facebook’s CBC WAM for NL’s Galoot of a Culture page. Or listen live from anywhere in the world. Go to and bink the Listen Live to Radio One button. And there he is!