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WAM June 11-12 On The Weekend Arts Magazine

Mack Furlong visits Gander for in introduction to the Beyond the Overpass Theatre Festival - what’s shakin’ in Central? He also gets a tour of the JL Gallery, celebrating three years of being a modern art gallery in Corner Brook. Celebrated film score composer Rick Baitz presents a workshop at this year’s Nickel Film Festival, you’ll hear what he offers local musicians. Matthew Hornell prepares a solo Cross-Canada Tour and admits it’s a scary proposition, while Dana Parsons takes off for two dates in London, England … that can be pretty scary, too. Liner Notes features the new release from video sensations, the country-flim-flam duo of Wish and Flo.

If you cannot possibly be with Mack from 6:00 to 9:30 on Saturday and Sunday - 5:30 to 9:00 in parts of Labrador - then you must attend the podcasts, available at Or you can follow CBCWam on Twitter. Or take advantage of Facebook’s CBC WAM for NL’s Galoot of a Culture page. Or listen live from anywhere in the world. Go to and click on the Listen Live to Radio One button. Mack will be there for you!