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April 9-10 On The Weekend Arts Magazine

This weekend on WAM - We’ll go to Darwin, Newfoundland, the mysterious town in Gerard Collins’ short story collection “Moonlight Sketches”, playwright Megan Coles and dramaturge Emma Tibaldo will take us to the Republic bar where they’re staging the new play “The Battery”. Carbonear native Charles Picco and partner Craig David Wallace are in Toronto filming the second season of the sci-fi comedy “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.” Musician Roz MacPhail has inspired a dozen filmmakers and now she’s taking her “Painted Houses” shorts to the Dawson City film festival. We’ll try to tap into the KISS-mania that has hit central Newfoundland and chef Todd Perrin speaks to WAM from the basement of Raymond’s restaurant on the eve of his TV debut in Top Chef Canada. And on Liner Notes, Sandy Moriis, Glenn Collins and Peter Narvaez, “The Superpickers”.