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January 2011 Archives

January 29-30 RPM Challenge

Guest Elling Line of the Scope Magazine.

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January 29-30 New Curator

Maybe it’s because she got her start in music …as a singer ….that Mireille Eagan compares curating to that of a playing bass.

It’s an effective comparison…She says if she’s doing her job correctly, you shouldn’t ‘hear’ her playing…but you ‘feel’ the beat and structure that she’s laid down.

Mireille Eagan is the new curator of Canadian Art at The Rooms. She’s just moved here from the Conferation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown.

I met her this week at The Rooms and asked her about her childhood career as a singer - her voice can STILL be heard in the theme song for the TV show Katie and Obie.

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This WAM weekend- Jan 29-30 2011!

This weekend on This Hour has 22 Minutes going to be cancelled? Meet the Room's new curator of Canadian Art Mireille Eagan, we'll visit sound artist Michael Waterman in the MUN School of Music, Plus we'll hear how a TV series called "Pet ER" is helping best Boy productions grow their busienss. The Canadian Writer's Union is coming here to help writers deal with the changing literary landscape, Elling Lien of The Scope comes in to throw down the gauntlet for 2011's RPM challenge...can you record a CD in 28 days? The Beothuk Street Players are bringing the oscar nominated story "Incendies" to the stage and we've got Ken Tizzard on Liner Notes.

Dan Hill remembers growing up with his father

Dan Hill came into the WAM studio to chat about his memoir "I Am My Father's Son"

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