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Homosexual necrophilia among mallard ducks

Our science columinst Michael Bhardwaj previews the "Ig Nobel awards" and tells Jordan Lester about, among other things, research into mallard ducks' tendencies towards homosexual necrophilia. Hilarity ensues.

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First aid hero

The Canadian Red Cross has honoured a Thunder Bay man for his quick thinking. Last May, Rory Milani, a power line technician with Thunder Bay Hydro, was the first on the scene of a car accident where one of the drivers had suffered a heart attack. Milani performed CPR on the driver until paramedics arrived. His first aid skills saved the driver's life. Here's his conversation with Jordan Lester.
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Greenstone chromite refinery

There's a battle going on to house a chromite refinery. Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Timmins and the municipality of Greenstone all want to host it.

Greenstone is pitching a location called Exton. It's about 300 kilometres away from the Ring of Fire -- much closer than the other contenders. But it doesn't have enough electricity to power a refinery.

So Greenstone hired some consultants to come up with a solution. One of them is George Smitherman -- a former Ontario cabinet minister.

The CBC's Nicole Ireland spoke to Smitherman, Greenstone Mayor Ron Beaulieu and Matawa First Nations representative Raymond Ferris about the Exton location.
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