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Bronwyn Huffman


Sixteen year old Bronwyn Huffman is back in Thunder Bay this week to watch her sister Sinead graduate from Hammarskjold high school.

It's journey Huffman's family thought she might never be able to make.

In January 2012, Bronwyn was diagnosed with leukemia. She suffered a rare complication from the chemotherapy. Her heart was severely damaged and she now relies on something called a VAD to keep it working properly, until she can receive a transplant.

That's why she, mom Kellie and dad Barry are now living in Toronto.

But, in a first-ever scenario, the Hospital for Sick Kids has given their approval for someone with the device to not only leave Toronto, but to travel more than 1500 kilometres away.

Kellie and Bronwyn joined Voyage North host Cathy Alex in the studio.