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Hospital goes smoke-free this fall

DSC_0681.jpgToday, officials at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre announced that their grounds will become officially smoke free this fall.

It means, as of September 30th, staff, visitors and patients will not be able to smoke anywhere on the property.

Tamara Rose, works at the Health Sciences Centre and used to smoke herself:

"I've been a non-smoker for about a year and a half, before that I tried to quit at least 20 times."

"When they started introducing (the smoke-free grounds policy) I was...involved in showing managers and supervisors how to approach people about this on the grounds and how to be gentle with them and not get their backs up."

"I was really surprised how positive my staff is (about the change). We had a smoking cessation support session and a few (members) of our staff went, and they've actually quit!"