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March 2013 Archives

Experimental Lakes Area funding dries up

The end of March means the end of the Experimental Lakes Area.
Federal funding for the research site west of Dryden is set to stop this weekend.
Workers say they've been told the doors will be shut, permanently, on Sunday.
CBC National TV Reporter Cameron Macintosh travelled to Experimental Lakes Area this week.

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Student living centre

For years now, the Northern Nishnawbe Education Council has said it needs a place to safely house the young people who leave their remote First Nations to study at Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School in Thunder Bay.

Students barely into their teens say goodbye to families and friends so they can pursue their education.

Currently they stay with host families across Thunder Bay. Today, more than 200 people gathered in the DFC school gym to hear how that's going to change.

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Robbi Weldon

Thunder Bay's Robbi Weldon had a winning season in cycling last year.

In fact, she was named Ontario Female Athlete of the Year with a Disability for 2012.

The list of finalists for this sports season was announced today and her name is there again.

Voyage North host Cathy Alex chats with Robbi about her honours on and off the track.

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Coran's legacy

The Roy Coran Big Band said goodbye to their maestro over the weekend. After a music career spanning decades, Roy Coran passed away at age 83.

Coran was an arranger and a conductor, gifted on many instruments and a talented teacher.
Generations of young students learned their scales at his store: Coran's Music Centre.

Ted Vaillant shared conducting duties in the Roy Coran Big Band.

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What budget means for northwest

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has released the Federal government's 2013 budget.

Flaherty is dealing with a multi-billion dollar deficit, and a promise to balance the budget in time for the next federal election.

To help us understand what today's budget means for the region, we reached Livio Di Matteo.

He's an economics professor at Lakehead University.

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Online video prompts investigation

Dryden police have launched an assault investigation after a video of an incident in a local restaurant started spreading across social media.

The video shows a male harassing and assaulting another man in the McDonalds in Dryden.

Investigators are trying to find out who shot and posted the video... and are reaching out to any other witnesses.

The CBC's Matt Prokopchuk has been following this story.

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"Tapping Into Potential" job fair

Thunder Bay's Indepedent Living Resource Center held a unique job fair today.
It was for people living with disablities, looking to find employment.
The event happened at the Lakehead Labour Centre.
The CBC's Josh Lynn talked to some of the job-seekers.

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Grassy Narrows ruling

The Ontario Court of Appeal has overturned an earlier court ruling on treaty rights and logging in the Grassy Narrows traditional territory.

Could the next step be the Supreme Court?

We find out more about today's decision.

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St. Urho's day

It's a celebration of the legendary Finnish Saint, Urho, who --as the story goes-- drove all the grasshoppers out of Finland because they were destroying the nation's vineyards.

While St. Urho's day celebrates a man who supposedly vanquished hordes of grasshoppers, we wanted to get another perspective.

We reached entomologist Dan Johnson at the University of Lethbridge.

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Another horse in the race

Last Friday, we learned Shy-Anne Hovorka is competing on behalf of northwestern Ontario in the first national round of the CBC Music Searchlight competition.

But it turns out the northwest has someone else in the competition, Andrew Bryan

He's in Hamilton's Poor Angus, also one of the final 24 acts.

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It's estimated there are nearly 70 million guitar players on Earth and many of them record their music at home, on a computer.

For years, there have been digital methods to make a dry guitar signal sound like a Fender Bassman or Marshall stack amp.

But what if you could put your guitar signal through a real tube amp (of any type) from a studio located somewhere else in the world?

This novel concept is excatly what a company called Trackster, developed right here in Thunder Bay, wants to do.

Gavin Freitag is one of the people behind Trackster. He gave Gord Ellis a virtual tour.

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Armstrong jersey

Lance Armstrong's jersey will continue to hang on the wall at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. We hear why the decision was made.

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Bob Rae

It's one of the worst kept secrets in Thunder Bay.

Liberal Leader Bob Rae is considering a new job that would give him big sway in the regional economy. Rae could become a negotiator for First Nations in talks with the province about the Ring of Fire.

The veteran politician was in the city today as part of a Liberal branding tour across the country.

The CBC's Jody Porter attended the Chamber of Commerce luncheon where he gave the keynote speech.

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Border officer dismissed for misconduct

A border officer at the Pigeon River crossing has been dismissed for misconduct after an investigation by the Public Sector Integrity Commisioner.

Commissioner Mario Dion filed his report on the investigation with Parliament earlier today.

We reached the Commissioner in Ottawa

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"Have a Go"

Over a 100 elementary and high school students with intellectual disabilities were at a multi-sport festival today at Lakehead University put on by Special Olympics Thunder Bay.

It gave the budding athletes a chance to try different sports in a supportive environment.

Here are some of the people at today's event.

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Save Experimental Lakes Area Day

Today is "Save Experimental Lakes Area Day" as declared by municipal councils in Dryden, Kenora and Sioux Lookout.

The ELA is a decades old environmental research facility.

Last May's federal budget cut the program and on March 31st it's slated to be shut down.

The "Coalition to Save ELA" is holding a forum in tonight in Kenora. Peter Kirby is helping to organize the event.

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UN food report

The United Nations Council on Human Rights heard a report today about a nation where many people are unable to fufill their basic nutritional needs, because they are too poor. That nation is Canada. We hear a local reaction to the report, which focuses heavily on the challenge of eating healthy while living in remote First Nations communities.

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