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Tim Hudak

Ontario PC party leader Tim Hudak visted Thunder Bay today touting his plan to rebuild the province's manufacturing sector. Voyage North host Cathy Alex talks with him about the plan, and about some of the issues confronting the northwest.

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Help for severe obesity sufferers

People suffering from severe obesity can soon get intense medical treatment or bariatric surgery right here in Thunder Bay. A patient tells us what today's announcement means to her.

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Feeling safe in the city....

We hear from a young First Nations woman living in Thunder Bay who's started carrying a personal safety alarm because she doesn't feel safe in the city. She's one of hundreds of Aboriginal women in Thunder Bay now carrying the device.

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The Trapline Challenge

Vermillion Bay's annual Kin Karnival will see a few more four legged participants this year.
That's because the first ever "Trapline Challenge" will be part of the festivities.
It's a dog sled race that pays homage to the sport's history. Burton Pennner is one of the organizrs behind event.

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Author Jane Urquhart shares her sense of place - Northwestern Ontario!

"Nothing happens nowhere". That's a quote from author Jane Urquhart. She was born and spent the first 5 years of her life in Little Long Lac, near Geraldton. Her book "Away" is representing Ontario in this year's Canada Reads:Turf Wars. Urquhart was in Thunder Bay with Richard Wagamese (his book Indian Horse is representing British Columbia)for a special Canada Reads event. It celebrated their mutual connection to northwesern Ontario.
Jane Urquhart told Voyage North host Cathy Alex how those early years in this region continue to shape and influence her writing.

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Charlie Wilkins Examines a Career in Writing

Mammas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Writers! Well-known local author Charlie Wilkins is telling tales of all kinds at this special presentation (Jan 12 & 13, 2013) by the Northwestern Ontario Writers Workshop. Specifically, he's talking about his varied and very successful writing career, and what he's learned along the way. He shared some of those stories with CBC Voyage North host Cathy Alex.

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Canada Reads in Thunder Bay

Acclaimed Canadian authors Richard Wagameese and Jane Urquhart are coming to Thunder Bay this Thursday for a special Canada Reads: Turf Wars event. Their books have been chosen to represent BC and Ontario in this year's contest, but both authors have strong ties to the northwest. We get more details on that event, and talk about the impact of more than a decade of Canada Reads on the country's literary scene.

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Whoa, Nelly!

Nelly Furtado's Spirit Indestructible Tour to Thunder Bay turned into a very special event for the sold-out crowd. We get the details from the Thunder Bay mother/daughter team who won our Ticket Tuesday package. They got to go to the concert, and to meet Furtado herself.

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Thunder Bay Steampunk Society

STEAM_PUNK.jpgThe first official meeting of the Thunder Bay Steampunk society happens tonight. The Ladies and Gents of Fort William and Port Arthur are invited to participate in a variety of stimulating Victorian themed activities. We hear how participation in the society may improve your mood as effectively as even the most expertly formulated patent medicine.

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Don't You (,) Mean People

They went from freaky to something a little more folky. Thunder Bay's acoustic trio "Don't You (,) Mean People" is launching their first CD tonight. We hear how these heavy metal musicians swtiched off their amplifiers and turned on to acoustic rock.

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Welcome to the deep freeze

After a stint of mild weather, Northwestern Ontario is seeing below zero temperatures--in the double digits. We hear from an Environment Canada meteorologist about the sudden cold snap.

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Nipigon River Bridge protest

Cold and windy weather failed to deter hundreds of First Nations people from a march and rally near Nipigon today. Members of several Ffirst Nations in the Lake Superior area participated in a protest against the actions of the federal government. The CBC's Jody Porter was there,

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What's next?

We get the Union of Ontario Indians Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee's take on last weeks politcially charged meeting between First Nations leaders and the Prime Minister, and look ahead to tomorrow's national day of protest.

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Gull Bay chief pledges financial accountability

]Chief Wilfred King.jpg

Over the weekend, Gull Bay First Nation elected Wilfred King as chief, returning him to the position he held for eight years up to 2010.

King says when he left, the community was in decent financial shape.

But today, just before he and his newly-elected council held their first meeting, they went to the bank.

They found there's not much there to work with and King says the previous chief and council have just laid off community staff.

The CBC's Nicole Ireland spoke to him about these issues after he called a news conference this afternoon.

CBC tried to reach the previous chief Miles Nowegejick today, but was unable to.

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Ontario chiefs refuse meeting

A politcally charged meeting happened today in Ottawa between First Nations leaders and the Prime Minister. We hear why Ontario's chiefs chose to boycott the session and we also hear from someone who spent the day with "Idle No More" protesters on the streets of the nation's capital.

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"There has to be something concrete"

After weeks of "Idle No More" Protests and a hunger strike by Attwapiskat Chief Theresa Spence, the Prime Minister is meeting down with Aboriginal leaders from across Canada tomorrow afternoon in Ottawa. A regional delgation of chiefs is in the nations capital preparing for the meeting. Harvey Yesno is Nishawbe Aski Nation's Grand Chief . We reached him a little earlier today.

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Winter road concerns

It's no secret that our increasingly variable climate is making it tougher and tougher to build winter roads in our region. We hear fromthe Deputy Grand Chief of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation about his concerns for the roads which link many of NAN's communities to the rest of the province.

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Metis Nation of Ontario reacts to court decision

It's a ruling that's been more than 13 years in the making. The Metis Nation of Ontario reacts to today's federal court decision granting constitutional rights to Aboriginal people living off-reserve.

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Audit reaction

A newly released audit of the federal funds spent by the Attawapiskat First Nation has found a significant lack of documentation surrounding millions of dollars transferred to the community in recent years.

The discovery comes as Chief Teresa Spence remains at the centre of a movement pressing for the recognition of treaty rights.

Dozens of Idle No More events have been held across the country over the past month.

Today there was a "'Teach In" and round dance at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay.

The CBC's Jody Porter asked some of the people who participated in this afternoon's event for their thoughts on the audit.

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Pattern of abductions

An associate professor at Lakehead University says there is good reason for First Nation women to be fearful in Thunder Bay. She says the aboriginal woman who reported to police she was raped last week is only the latest in a string of such cases spanning two decades.

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There's a deal, but no agreement

We get reaction from the head of the Thunder Bay chapter of the Ontario Elementary Teacher's Federation to today's announcement that the provincial government is imposing a new contract on her union.

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Idle No More boycott in Kenora

We hear about an "Idle No More" boycott happening in Kenora today meant to flex some First Nations economic muscle and how a local business owner feels caught in the crossifire between protesters and the federal government.

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