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November 2012 Archives

The Movember kid

Here's the story of Piper Hynnes. A Kingsway Park Public School 6th grader who managed to out fund-raise staff at the school for Movember, despite being too young to actually grow a moustache.

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Elementary school strike looms

Public elementary school teachers could walk off the job in the next couple of weeks in Thunder Bay and right across the province. Voyage North host Cathy Alex speaks with Ellen Chambers, the head of the Elementary Teachers Federation in the city about the potential strike.

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Moods of the Giant

We hear about a Thunder Bay calendar that uses the pictures of local photographers to highlight the Sleeping Giant, and the role it plays in our community.

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Laid-off workers start job hunt

Last week Resolute Forest Products announced the most of the workers at the pulp and paper mill in Fort Frances would be laid-off.

Affected workers, and their families, are worrying about their uncertain futures andFort Frances is also bracing for the ripple effects of 240 workers being off the payroll.

Jenny Greenhalgh is the executive director at Fort Frances based Northern Community Development Services. The organzation helps people find jobs.

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I'm ready for my close-up

602438_172402716236736_2069722176_n.jpgThe Thunder Bay Museum is celebrating sirens of the silver screen who came from Fort William or Port Arthur during the early days of the movie business. A presentation on the topic--along with a movie showing--happens tomorrow night at the museum. Elle Andra-Warner is one of the event's organizers.

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"We thought everyone loves balloon animals...."

PAUL&NADINE.JPGVandals have damaged the granite balloon animal sculptures at Marina Park on at least four occasions since they've been installed.

The pair of Vancouver based artists who created the pieces even made a trip to the city back in June to mend the little critters.

But now they're in pieces again with their heads missing and limbs removed. The artists are back in town to restore their creations.

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Tackling hospital bed gridlock

We've been hearing a lot lately about patients stuck in the emergency department in Thunder Bay, waiting to be admitted to a hospital bed.

That's partly because they can't get the care they need in the community.

Today the region's Local Health Integration Network announced how it's going to divvy up a pot of government money to combat the problem. It's giving almost 2.5-million-dollars to the North West Community Care Access Centre.

Tuija Puiras is the centre's chief executive officer.

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Reaction to Fort Frances mill shutdown

People in Fort Frances are still trying to come to grips with the news that most operations in the Resolute mill are shutting down, indefinitely. Just one newsprint machine will keep operating.

The question of what happens next is coming up in conversations all around the town, especially in places where people like to get together with their friends and colleagues. Places like Lee Garden Restaurant where Don Eldridge owns the diner.

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Vancouver's Shane Bunting is better known to rap fans as Madchild.
He's one of the founding members of Juno Award winning, Platinum selling hip hop group Swollen Members.

But around the middle part of the decade, Bunting became hooked on Oxycontin and his life spun out of control. He's now clean and on the road promoting his new album "Dope Sick"

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A silver lining

Pairs figure skater Eric Radford of Balmertown and partner Meagan Duhamel took second place in a Grand Prix event in France this weekend. We'll hear why doing well this season is so important as the duo looks towards 2014 and the Olympics in Russia.

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Gravelle discusses cancer diagnosis

MPP Michael Gravelle publically announced today that he has cancer. Hear some of what he had to say about his diagnosis.

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Dog-bite victim's mother talks about attack

The mother of a boy who suffered serious facial injuries from a dog attack in Thunder Bay is talking about her family's experiences. We hear her story.

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VIA Rail

It's been over two decades since the last VIA Rail train rolled through Thunder Bay.
A transportation researcher visiting the city this weekend argues that passenger rail service needs to get back on track.

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Kathleen Wynne

Outgoing Premier Dalton McGunity is in Thunder Bay today, along with two of the people looking to take over his job.

Toronto Centre MPP and former cabinet minister Glenn Murray is visiting the city, as well as Don Valley West MPP Kathleen Wynne. The Toronto area politician also served in the Mcguinty cabinet. She has taken on both the Aboriginal Affairs portfolio, and Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Wynne joined Voyage North host Cathy Alex in the studio

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Becoming debt free

Linda FitzgeraldOne of the services offered by the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre helps people get out of debt.

Today, the centre shared a success story to mark Credit Education Week Canada.

Credit Counsellor Cyndi Sereda first met Linda Fitzgerald in 2008. Fitzgerald is a single parent raising her grandson and she came to the centre with a fixed income and a load of personal debt.

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Flamenco Caravan

gallery1-img12.pngLiberation is the title of a brand new CD from Thunder Bay's Flamenco Caravan.

The band is launching the album Saturday at the Community Auditorium.

Flamenco Caravan's Susanna DiGiuseppe and Esteban Figueroa will tell us what was so "freeing" about this latest album.

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Serious inquires only

airport.jpgThunder Bay International Airport wants to unload some old furniture.
They're selling it to make room for something a little more contemporary.

It's your chance to bring a piece of the airport experience home
The CBC's Josh Lynn has some fun inspecting the merchandise.

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A mother remembers

Remembrance Day services will be held Sunday in Thunder Bay and across the northwest.
One of those services is happening at Fort William Gardens.

This year's Silver Cross mother at that ceremony will be Shirley Boneca.
She lost her son Corporal Anthony Boneca six years ago. He was 21 years old when he was killed while serving with the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry in Afghanistan.

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Burning out

A7NfjCJCYAATeTp.jpgFirst Nations are tackling an epidemic prescription drug abuse with successful treatment programs they've designed themselves.
But they say they're burning out, and the government isn't listening to their cries for help.
The CBC's Jody Porter takes us to the prescription drug abuse conference in Neskantaga First Nation.

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Back to Our Roots Gathering

Chiefs, recovering addicts and mental health counsellors are all gathered in Neskantaga First Nation this week to talk about moving beyond the prescription drug abuse crisis. We check in with the CBC's Jody Porter, who's just returned from the conference.

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Lace up your skates

The city of Thunder Bay is improving service at some outdoor rinks, while eliminating others. Our city hall reporter Jeff Walters stops in to bring us the details.

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Ontario immigration strategy

Today, the Ontario government released its first-ever immigration strategy.

It sets a new direction for how the province will select, welcome and assist people who want to move here from abroad and is largely focussed on expanding the economy.

Charles Sousa is the minister of citizenship and immigration for Ontario.

Here's his conversation with Voyage North host Cathy Alex.

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Untangling the lines

The idea was to switch Thunder Bay's generating station to natural gas from coal, to cut down on carbon emissions.

But yesterday Ontario Power Generation put the plan on ice, because it can't strike a deal to sell power to the Ontario Power Authority, the agency in charge of energy planning in the province.

An electricity consultant explains why the move may be a symptom of a larger problem when it comes to powering the province.

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Possible Worlds

We meet artist Sylvia Ziemann from Regina. She imagines how we might live in a future where environmental disasters are the norm, not the exception. Ziemann's created those underground bunkers and repurposed windmills right down to the tiniest detail.

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Celebrating a new beginning (and saying goodbye)

The Wasaya Group and the City of Thunder Bay launched a new youth centre at Victoriaville mall. It will serve as a gathering place for young people to socialize and pick up life skills. But the event also was marked with sadness as many in attendance were mourning the death of one of their friends. The CBC's Josh Lynn brings us the story.

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