The Vinyl Cafe has chosen to distribute our stories.

We have chosen Zunior because they are a small Canadian company. They work with independent artists and musicians. They are, in their own words, "The Little Digital Music Store".

Plus, they are a record store owned and operated by a guy named Dave.


The 2015 four-album collection from Stuart McLean. Five hours of new stories from Dave, Morley and everyone else at the Vinyl Cafe in a complete 4-CD package.
Stuart McLean’s latest CD celebrates the seasons: the drip, drip, drip of a sugar bush in spring; the perils of a garden in summer; the bittersweet adventure of kids heading to University and the excitement of Halloween in autumn; the eternal thrill of a winter toboggan ride, and the joy, disasters and hilarity of Christmas dinners gone pear-shaped.

Join Dave and friends as they wander through the seasons with all the tears and laughter you’d expect from a year with friends and family at the Vinyl Cafe.
New StoriesNew Stories

This attractive four-disc set contains fifteen hilarious Vinyl Cafe stories never before released on CD.
From the joys of house-sitting, hospital visits and underwear shopping to the horrors of sewer monsters, abandoned car wrecks and ravenous bears, New Stories will surprise and delight listeners new and old.
Heartwarming and entertaining, Vinyl Cafe: New Stories is an audio collection to be treasured.
The Auto PackThe Auto Pack

The 2014 four-album collection from Stuart McLean has five hours of brand new stories in a complete 4-CD album package.

Hit the road with The Vinyl Cafe AUTO PACK. Whether you’re driving from coast to coast to coast or just around the corner, this hilarious new collection of stories will make the miles disappear. You’ll hear about Dave’s first ride on a roller coaster, and his experiences delivering newspapers and walking dogs; you’ll follow Sam and Murphy on the trail of honeybees and head back down memory lane to Dave’s boyhood home of Big Narrows, Nova Scotia. These and many more adventures will ensure you have all the emergency entertainment you will ever need on the road.
So sit back, adjust your rearview mirror and press play
Christmas PackChristmas Pack

All your Christmas favourites, gathered in a beautifully packaged 4-disc collection. The Vinyl Cafe Christmas Pack is jam-packed with over four hours of stories and all the ingredients needed for holiday hilarity with Dave, Morley and friends. There are stories about Christmas decorations and Christmas gift-giving; time with family and friends old and new; a Christmas parade and school concerts; and of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without the Turkey...

Over four hours of our favourite Vinyl Cafe Christmas stories in this 2012 collection
Family PackFamily Pack

The Vinyl Cafe Family Pack is a collection of some of the most loved, most requested stories about the family at the centre of the popular CBC Radio show, the Vinyl Cafe. Whether your loyalties lie chiefly with Dave; Morley; the kids; or dear old Arthur (or any of the other pets that have wandered in and out over the years) this 4-CD set has a disc for you.

Over 5 hours of stories packaged in a gorgeous new format that will make it a collection to treasure for Vinyl Cafe fans old and new.
Planet BoyPlanet Boy

Planet Boy -- a collection of stories about the orbit of boys.

Ever wondered what really happens on the school trip to Quebec City; or imagined the results when three kids get their hands on a vintage chemistry set? Join Dave, Sam and other friends from the Vinyl Cafe to find out, in over two hours of hilarious and touching stories about the world of boyhood from award-winning storyteller, Stuart McLean. This double CD contains the stories: Planet Boy, The Science Experiment, A Trip to Quebec, The Waterslide, Sam's Predictions, Wally, and Planet Stuart.
Out & AboutOut & About

This Vinyl Cafe double CD features stories about Dave and his friends and family out and about. It includes the story about when Dave and Morley, recently married, rented a cottage in the Laurentians for their summer vacation. The story about Dave & Morley’s canoe trip. The story about Margaret’s trip to New York. The story about Eugene’s son’s trip to the family’s hometown of Rendi, Italy. The story about Dave’s episode in the Montreal elevator with Mary Turlington’s cake. The story about the time the time when Dave took a long bike ride, on the top of Bert Turlington’s car and the story about Dave and Morley’s cruise.

Two hours of hilarious and heartwarming adventures from the folks at the Vinyl Cafe. The fun includes: Dave Goes to the Dentist, Springhill, Sam Steals, Dave's Shoelace, Remembrance Day, Dave Buys a Coffin, and Jim and Molly the Cat.
An Important Message from the Vinyl CafeAn Important Message from the Vinyl Cafe

The 2007 double album from Stuart McLean. Another hilarious two hours of tales from the Vinyl Cafe, including The Hairdresser, Sam the Athlete, Tree Planting, Dream Bunnies and more!
Vinyl Cafe Christmas CollectionVinyl Cafe Christmas Collection

The 2005 double album from Stuart McLean. More fun than Christmas pudding! This yule-inspired collection features the ever-popular "Dave Cooks The Turkey" story plus: Ferrets for Christmas, Christmas on the Road, Christmas at the Turlingtons', Polly Anderson's Christmas Party, Christmas Presents and On the Roof.
A Story-Gram from Vinyl CafeA Story-Gram from Vinyl Cafe

The 2004 double album from Stuart McLean. There are almost two hours of stories here, in a complete CD package: Dad is Dying, Gifted, Tree of Heaven, The Phone Message, Labour Pains and Morley's Book Club
Vinyl Cafe Coast to Coast Story ServiceVinyl Cafe Coast to Coast Story Service

The 2002 release from Stuart McLean. This collection of stories includes: Dave goes Babysitting, Morley's Birthday Bash, Dave gives a Speech, Kenny Wong's Practical Jokes, Dave's Wedding Ring and Christmas with Rasheeda and Ahmeer
Vinyl Cafe Odd JobsVinyl Cafe Odd Jobs

The 2001 double album from Stuart McLean. This collection of stories includes: Toilet Training the Cat Music Lessons, Arthur the Dog, Love Never Ends, Odd Jobs, The Fig Tree, No Tax on Truffles, The Bare Truth
The Vinyl Cafe On TourThe Vinyl Cafe On Tour

The 1999 double album from Stuart McLean. This collection of stories includes:Late Date, Morley's Christmas Concert, School Lunch, The Fly, Harrison Ford's Toes, Blood Pressure Chair, Sam's Birthday Cousin Dorothy
Vinyl Cafe StoriesVinyl Cafe Stories

The 1998 double album from Stuart McLean. This is his first collection of Dave and Morley stories. There are more than two hours of stories here, in a complete CD package including: The Jock Strap, Holland, Driving Lessons, School Days, The Bird, Cat in the Car, Emil, A Day Off and Polly Anderson's Christmas Party