The Vinyl Cafe has chosen to distribute our stories.

We have chosen Zunior because they are a small Canadian company. They work with independent artists and musicians. They are, in their own words, "The Little Digital Music Store".

Plus, they are a record store owned and operated by a guy named Dave.

NEW!!! Vinyl Cafe Turns the PageNEW!!! Vinyl Cafe Turns the Page

A brand new collection of Vinyl Cafe stories, from the inimitable Stuart McLean, featuring a worldlier and wiser Dave and Morley.

Dave and Morley are growing older, Steph and Sam are growing up. Moving out and moving on. Dave and Morley's marriage has mellowed and deepened like a fine wine, Sam has developed a palate for girls and Gruyere, and Steph's found happiness with an artist who photographs roadkill.

Everyone's growing wiser and worldlier--well, almost everyone.

Yes, Dave still has trouble with the automatic car wash, defibrillators, and hot yoga, but he's come to appreciate Mary Turlington, and that's saying quite a bit.

In this brand new collection of Vinyl Cafe stories, the more things change, the more things stay the same...
Time Now For The Vinyl Cafe Story ExchangeTime Now For The Vinyl Cafe Story Exchange

The 2013 book from Stuart McLean.

In Time Now for the Vinyl Cafe Story Exchange Stuart Mclean and his long-time radio producer Jess Milton collect their favourite stories from a decade of their much loved show. This is a wise, wonderful collage of rituals and romance, road trips and guitar licks, Saturday night hockey games and Sunday morning pancakes. A story about an exploding outhouse sits right beside a story about a lost love because that’s just what happens in life. Sad things are all tangled up with the funny things and the sweet things too.

The voices in these stories are private and personal. Reading this collection is like joining a dinner party hosted by Stuart himself.

“Full of warmth and charm and dignity and real emotion…very beautiful indeed.” – Halifax Chronicle Herald
Revenge of the Vinyl CafeRevenge of the Vinyl Cafe

The 2012 book from Stuart McLean.

The world can be a perilous place. And the seemingly friendly world of Canada’s favourite fictional family is no different. Everyone is afraid of something: Dave, for example, is afraid of dolls, germs, and Mary Turlington. Sam, on the other hand, is afraid of bees, UFOs, and “mewpilated” cows. Morley’s fears—public nudity and drop-in visits—are slightly less peculiar.

It’s hard to be brave in the face of sewer monsters, deformed fish heads, abandoned car wrecks, and ravenous bears, but in this brand new collection of Vinyl Cafe stories, Dave and the gang pluck up the courage to deal with all kinds of danger, both real and imagined. In Stuart McLean’s hilarious new book of cautionary tales, rediscover the deep, delicious thrill of fear that looms so large in childhood and spills over into adult life to startling, often delightful, effect.
The Vinyl Cafe NotebooksThe Vinyl Cafe Notebooks

The 2010 book by Stuart McLean.

The first ever collection of essays from The Vinyl Cafe. From meditations on the startling honesty of children, to praise for the watermelon, The Vinyl Cafe Notebooks runs the gamut from thoughtful perspective to light-hearted opinion. Whether Stuart McLean is visiting the curling rink in Clanwilliam, Manitoba or Robert Stanfield’s gravesite in Halifax, his observations are absorbing, unexpected, original and always entertaining.
Extreme Vinyl CafeExtreme Vinyl Cafe

The 2009 book by Stuart McLean.

If you ask them, Dave and Morley's friends will tell you that no matter how long you've known people, they can still surprise you. After all, no one expects to see a grown man dive into the trunk of his car in pursuit of a renegade rat rat. And despite what they may claim, few people are actually prepared to have their backyard, never mind their twelve-year-old son, shoot to stardom on YouTube's Most Watched Videos. And yes the sight of an 87-year-old bungee-jumping off a cruise ship is...unusual. But well-wishers at the Vinyl Cafe will advise you to be philosophical about such things.

No matter who sends a volley of nails through your truck window, which mannequin is disrobed or how green your skin turns when your mom leaves town, life marches on. In "Extreme Vinyl Cafe" bestselling author Stuart McLean regales us with the wild impulses, and extreme behaviours of Canada's favourite characters at the Vinyl Cafe.
Secrets From The Vinyl CafeSecrets From The Vinyl Cafe

The 2006 book by Stuart McLean.

Every family has its secrets.

Morley, for example, is reluctant to talk about her beauty parlour betrayal and that other man in her life: Mathieu. Stephanie hasn't been entirely open about what she was doing in the woods last summer. Sam is keeping mum about his dark powers of prophecy and why he is going by the alias “Samantha.” And Dave tries to avoid mentioning his attempted break-and-enter at the Turlingtons'. Who can blame them? When you commit acts of arson during Christmas dinner, attempt to start a life of crime by shoplifting a lipstick or sink your false teeth into the forbidden pleasure of corn on the cob, it's hard to come clean.

These are the stories that no one knows, the stories Dave and Morley wouldn't tell you themselves: lies, white and otherwise, aliases, double lives and all manner of petty crimes and everyday transgressions. These are the secrets from the Vinyl Cafe.
Vinyl Cafe DiariesVinyl Cafe Diaries

Round out your collection of redesigned Vinyl Cafe books with this new softcover release of Stuart's 2003 book Vinyl Cafe Diaries.

After twenty years of motherhood, change has finally sneaked up on Morley, Stephanie's made it into university, Sam's got a week of grade six under his belt, and Dave, well, Dave's still Dave. Surprises, answers to long-time questions, and revelations abound in "Vinyl Cafe Diaries" as Canada's favourite family shares their thoughts on a decade of life under Stuart McLean's microscope.

"The Vinyl Cafe is probably the CBC's, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, most successful weekend show. Its American counterpart would be Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion and the funny stories the genial host of the Vinyl Cafe, Stuart McLean, tells are sort of like the News From Lake Wobegon without the politics, religion, and occasional high-horse. As a show, the Vinyl Cafe, when live, is a one-hour set of eclectic music by very different musicians and a story by Stuart McLean about Dave, the owner of a used record store called the Vinyl Cafe, his wife, Morley, their two kids and their neighbors." - The Serious Comedy Site
Vinyl Cafe Diaries - First EditionVinyl Cafe Diaries - First Edition

The 2003 book from Stuart McLean

After twenty years of motherhood, change has finally sneaked up on Morley, Stephanie's made it into university, Sam's got a week of grade six under his belt, and Dave, well, Dave's still Dave. Surprises, answers to long-time questions, and revelations abound in Vinyl Cafe Diaries as Canada's favourite family shares their thoughts on a decade of life under Stuart McLean's microscope.
Vinyl Cafe UnpluggedVinyl Cafe Unplugged

A brand new softcover release of one of Stuart's bestselling story collections.

Dave and Morley would no doubt tell you that life is what you make it. Unfortunately for them, that means a compilation tape of mistakes, miscues, misunderstandings and muddle. That's not to say there is anything particularly unusual about the family and friends at the Vinyl Cafe. Like the rest of us, Dave, Morley, Stephanie and Sam are just doing their best to respond to the challenges of modern life.

After all, who hasn't started a small home fix-it job only to set fire to walls and destroy whole rooms? Who wouldn't try to toilet-train a cat? Who hasn't created mass hysteria and utter pandemonium at a school concert? Who hasn't lost an aging relative while visiting our nation's capital?

With "Vinyl Cafe Unplugged", fans of Stuart McLean's previous story collections will be delighted to meet again with the folks from the Vinyl Cafe neighbourhood in fourteen hilarious hymns to common foibles and everyday absurdities.
Home From the Vinyl CafeHome From the Vinyl Cafe

Stuart's second Vinyl Cafe book, now in softcover with a brand new look.

"Home from the Vinyl Cafe" takes us into a year in the life of Dave, Morley, Stephanie and Sam as they bump and stumble from one Christmas fiasco (Dave's disastrous yet inspired attempts to cook a turkey) to the next (Dave and Sam wreak havoc at Polly Anderson's annual Christmas soirée). In between, we learn of Dave and Morley's first meeting, on ice, and Stephanie's own early adventures in love. We hear of Dave and Morley's sometimes misguided, but always heartfelt, efforts at parenting (Dave finds out the hard way that bringing frogs to school is not a great idea and that having a children's birthday party is only slightly less challenging than hosting the Olympics).

Whether it's sending the kids to camp, putting up the Christmas lights or losing control at the grocery store, in the hands of master storyteller Stuart McLean, everyday events are seen for all their challenges and hilarious possibilities. Warm, witty and moving, these are stories that will walk right into your life and make themselves at home.
Stories From The Vinyl CafeStories From The Vinyl Cafe

The very first Vinyl Cafe book, with a brand new look.

Like an old friend who's turned up in town, Stuart McLean returns with Stories from the Vinyl Cafe, the bestselling collection of tales based on his enormously popular Vinyl Cafe radio program.

The collection features Canada's much-loved fictional family: Dave, Morley, Stephanie and Sam. Stories from the Vinyl Cafe also introduces a host of other wonderfully imagined characters, such as Margaret Dwyer, a suburban housewife who startles herself by shoplifting a pepperoni sausage, and Flora Perriton, who is consumed with thoughts of lost opportunities when an old friend passes away. Then there's Ed, who-overcome by the death of his favourite rock star-embarks on a pilgrimage to New York City to meet the singer's widow.

As always, the stories in this rewarding and irreverent collection prove that Stuart McLean is indeed a national treasure.
Welcome Home: Travels in Small Town CanadaWelcome Home: Travels in Small Town Canada

Across thousands of miles, the Canadian population clusters like loosely strung beads on the thread of the 49th parallel. This is truly Canada—a vast stretch of land and a bounty of small towns. In Welcome Home, Stuart McLean takes us on a heartwarming journey from one coast to the other to visit these small yet vibrant places and meet their remarkable citizens.

We visit Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, an old-fashioned "cow town"; Dresden, Ontario, once a destination for escaped slaves using the Underground Railroad; St-Jean-de-Matha, Quebec, where the world's strongest man is buried; and Foxwarren, Manitoba, a quintessential hockey town. We wander along Main Street in Sackville, New Brunswick; explore Nakusp, B.C., which may have been the home of an illegitimate child of royalty; and watch the icebergs float by in Ferryland, Newfoundland.

Each town Stuart visits tells us a little about Canada's rich and often forgotten history and a lot about who Canadians are today. With a storyteller's eye for detail and an effervescent sense of humour, Stuart McLean introduces us to seven truly wonderful places and dozens of extraordinary people.

Stuart McLean's other books are available at sensible bookstores from coast to coast to coast.

Dave Cooks the Turkey book
When We Were Young: A Collection of Canadian Stories
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