How To Listen

You can listen to The Vinyl Cafe on demand here.

The Vinyl Cafe is also streamed online every week during its regular broadcast. That means you can listen to the show on your computer on Saturday mornings, Sunday at noon and Tuesday nights. These are Canadian times so international listeners will have to make the necessary time adjustments.

BONUS! There are six time zones in Canada. You can choose to listen from any of the six Canadian time zones. That means you get six chances to hear the show every time it is broadcast.

Here's how to do it. Go to At the top of the CBC Radio page you'll see the radio shows that are airing live on CBC Radio in every Canadian time zone.

The Vinyl Cafe airs:

  • Sundays at 12:05 PM across Canada on Radio One
  • Tuesdays at 11:05 PM across Canada on Radio One

The website allows you to listen to the show in all six Canadian time zones. So, if you live in Toronto, you can listen to the show on Sundays at 12:05pm (EASTERN) but also at 10:30 (NEWFOUNDLAND) 11:05am (ATLANTIC), 1:05pm (CENTRAL), 2:05pm (MOUNTAIN) and 3:05pm (PACIFIC).

note: Radio Two does not allow you to listen to the NEWFOUNDLAND time zone.

So you can listen to the Vinyl Cafe in five different time zones on Saturdays on Radio Two and in six different time zones on Sundays and Tuesdays on Radio One. Or you can listen on demand by clicking this link.

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