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A Sample Nomination Form for "The Arthurs"

Dear Stuart,

I work at Parson's Florist in Orangeville and about a month ago our delivery person – Donna McIntosh – came to work and told us an interesting story.

Donna's father had found a digital camera in a parking lot and, after viewing the pictures, decided he had to try and locate the owner.

One of the dated photos was of a young mother in a hospital bed, holding a newborn baby girl.

Donna drove to Headwaters Hospital and spoke to the maternity ward nurse about the camera. The nurse checked the records and found that only two baby girls were born on the day the day in question and the mother they were looking for had been discharged just ten minutes earlier.

After an exchange of phone numbers the camera was finally returned to the parents along with that very first photo of their newborn baby girl.

I couldn't let this act of kindness go unnoticed and I hope your committee feels the same way.

Sharon Jones
Orangeville, ON

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