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The Arthurs

Do you know someone who deserves an award? We are looking for your nominations for next year's Arthur awards - the awards where you get to choose both who wins and why. Choose the nominees and the categories. The categories can be informed by your sense of the world. Perhaps you are driven by a sense of irony. If you are, perhaps you would like to nominate someone ironically, or whimsically or earnestly.

Whatever your pleasure ... we will read whatever you send in, and sometime next season we will form a committee, which will be composed of whoever happens to be in the office, probably people like: long suffering story editor Meg Masters; our nefarious producer Jess Milton; pianist John Sheard; and of course Stuart. Mostly Stuart, actually.

Here's a sample Arthur nomination for you to read.

Here's where to send in a nomination:

The Arthurs
c/o The Vinyl Cafe
CBC Radio PO Box 500 Station A
Toronto ON
M5W 1E6

Email: thearthurs@cbc.ca

Just like the Vinyl Cafe Story Exchange there are two rules and only two rules - your nominations have to be true and they have to be short.


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