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Please note: Please note: there are no transcripts of The Vinyl Cafe available. However Stuart McLean's stories are available in books and on CDs through or at sensible book and record stores across North America. We also have a weekly podcast. Click here for more information.

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If you require more information on Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe contact Don Jones Productions
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We would be delighted to listen to your CDs. In fact, if you send us a CD we promise we'll listen. Mail it to Vinyl Cafe music producer Julie Penner:

Vinyl Cafe
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Don't send a whole bunch of stuff. A CD in a plain envelope with a one-sheet bio is the best. Nothing fancy.

As you can imagine, we receive many CDs every week. So, while we promise to listen to each submission, we won't be able to reply with specific feedback. But please feel free to email us a month or two after sending your CD if you'd like to make sure that it got into our hands safely. And if your CD is already in the CBC music library, you don't need to send us another copy - just write us an email so we know to look for it.

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