Last of the Morning Cloud Today, Summer Weekend Ahead...Aug 22nd

  • A cloudy start to the day once more for Vancouver thanks to the last of a low pressure system sitting off the coast 
  • The trough will be pushed out by this afternoon as a building high pressure ridge moves in place for at least the next few days
  • Temps today will feel warmer than yesterday by a couple of degrees...same story through the weekend; 23 YVR, 27 inland
  • With no rain in the forecast for possibly a week, checking in on our Aug stats: usually YVR sees ~37 mm and we have had only about ~17mm so far this month
  • Afternoon thunderstorms will be on tap for parts of the interior again today.. good news in that while central coastal sections of BC remains extreme for fire danger, the southern interior has dropped down to moderate-low. Campfire bans have been lifted for Kamloops and parts of the coast:
Crab Park clearing clouds this morning..

More Tornadoes Confirmed in Ontario
  • EC has confirmed the 14 & 15 of the season that occurred back on Aug 19th in Essex County and are investigating reports from Wednesday as well that may raise the count
  • Ontario usually sees around 12 tornadoes a year...perhaps a combo of more reporting/social media plus atmospheric set-up
  • Interestingly the Prairies are well below their usually tornado count for a season...

Warming up This Weekend..Except the Prairies
  • Things will be heating up again in BC this weekend, and finally feeling Summer-like weather for ON, QC and Atlantic Canada
  • But after frost warnings last night in Alberta, much of the Prairies will stay well below seasonal & unsettled this weekend

Iceland Still Shaking..

Who Doesn't Love a Good Haboob..

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A mix of sun and cloud



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Chance of showers



A mix of sun and cloud