LOTS More Rain This Week..Some Wet Snow Today...Mar 4th

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  • The latest round of moisture for the south coast is coming courtesy of a weak frontal system that is sliding inland today
  • Steadier rain has picked up across Vancouver in the past few hours. In fact just getting reports in of snowflakes falling at UBC, Kits & even downtown Vancouver. Steadier rain/wet snow should let up to showers this afternoon, before an even stronger system starts to heavier rain up after midnight
  • Snow has been falling for higher elevations all morning including Nanaimo, parts of North Van and sections of the eastern Fraser Valley where temperatures are slightly cooler
  • The new system on tap for overnight will bring a good 10-15 mm through to tomorrow morning, with another 10-15 mm through the day Wednesday
  • The is just the start of a stormy (and more typical!) weather pattern for the west coast for at least the next week
  • Another storm on tap for Wednesday night through Thursday..maybe a Friday break..more rain for the weekend
  • Warming temps though are the silver lining? Except for some of the local mountains where snow levels will start rising by the end of the week

Outages avoided through customer conservation: NL Hydro

Still Cold Across the Country Today
  • Frigid and below seasonal temperatures continue to grip much of Canada, the city of Toronto remains under an extreme cold weather alert, light snow on the way to southern Ontario for the GTA morning rush hour 
  • Toronto has already broken the record (81 days) for days with continuous snow cover (currently 86 and counting), a record set back in the winter of 1977-78 (The number crunching done by fellow meteorologists at The Weather Network)
  • On an average year, the city sees 78 cm of snow and so far this winter, over 100 cm has already fallen.
  • Record ice cover on the Great Lakes is also another result of the extreme cold this winter. 
  • http://www.theweathernetwork.com/news/articles/another-shot-of-snow-for-ontario-frigid-temps-remain/22611/
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Giant virus resurrected from 30,000-year-old ice
  • Before anyone panics, know that while it is highly infectious, it's targets, fortunately, are amoebae. But the researchers suggest that as Earth's ice melts, this could trigger the return of other ancient viruses, with potential risks for human health.
  • Scientists recently revived the giant virus that was buried in Siberian ice for 30,000 years
  • http://www.nature.com/news/giant-virus-resurrected-from-30-000-year-old-ice-1.14801

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