Break This Afternoon, Rain Tomorrow...March 27th

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  • Our spinning low sitting just off the coast swung around some steady showers overnight. Light drizzle continued this morning but generally conditions are improving as we head into the afternoon
  • Parts of Vancouver may even see some sunny breaks in the next few hours before isolated evening showers begin to pop back up
  • Steadier rain will begin tomorrow morning as our spinning low weakens and sinks south, allowing a slow-moving frontal system to move in tomorrow, spreading rain across the south coast for much of the day. 15-30 mm for Vancouver
  • Lingering showers will continue for a cloudy Saturday but still hoping for a break in the clouds to end off the weekend
  • Temps steady all week at a seasonal 10 in the afternoons...winds may become a little gusty tomorrow as the new system rolls in

Atlantic Canada Storm Aftermath..More Snow/Rain On Route
  • Yesterday's powerful Nor'easter was the strongest winter storm to hit the east coast this year.. and it broke a number of other records as well:
  • An all-time record wind gust of 186 km/h was recorded at Wreckhouse station in NFLD. And the storm dropped almost 60 mb in 24 hours... 24 mb is the number for this to be considered a 'meteorological bomb' a term used when storm rapidly intensify in a short amount of time. So this one dropped 3 times that..
  • Upwards of 30-40 cm of snow fell throughout the day, with hurricane force wind gusts reported right across Atlantic Canada
  • Snowfall rates of 5-10 cm per hour were reported at the peak of the storm leading to blizzard conditions with zero visibility when combined with the winds.
  • Several closures reported once again today
  • Although the bulk of the snow/rainfall has ended, blowing snow will remain a big issue across parts of Atlantic Canada today with wind and blizzard warnings still in place in some areas.
  • In Newfoundland, the risk of localized flooding continues as well with higher than normal water levels combined with high waves and high tides 
  • As folks dig out today, a new system is approaching from the west. While no where near as strong as yesterday's it will bring a messy mix of snow and rain starting early tomorrow morning. It will be a rain event for most of the Maritimes with the rain/snow line tracking across NB
  • And the storm track will continue to lead storms across the east coast - looks like another rain/snow system for the weekend

Indian Ocean Weather Update
  • As expected, conditions deteriorated yesterday as a storm moved in from the south
  • Wave heights in the area are forecast for around 6-7 today
  • Conditions will be improving today though as we head into Friday afternoon local time as the storm continues to track north
  • Visibility should start to improve by the end of the day but hard to say if that's worth the trip out
  • Much better weather forecast for Saturday, Sunday and into early next week as high pressure builds in

How Vintage Tech Helped Us Track the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet
  • While the technique used to track the flight path has been called "groundbreaking," it actually rests on some fairly old-fashioned physics. In fact, the basic method has been used to conduct satellite search and rescue operations for more than 30 years, predating our always-connected, GPS-enabled world

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Chance of showers



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