Next Round of Heavy Rain This Afternoon..Vancouver Rainfall Warning in Place...Feb 11th

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  • The next in a series of low pressure systems hitting the coast over the next few days will begin spreading heavy rain later this afternoon and through the overnight
  • Rainfall warnings are in place for for parts of metro Vancouver esp the north shore for up to 60 mm by tomorrow morning. Much of the south coast will see 30-40 mm through the overnight
  • Winds will also pick up through the evening before easing along with the rain and snow tomorrow afternoon
  • The third system though is hot on the heels for Wednesday evening, with 5 more storms in the forecast between now and Sunday night. Totals for Vancouver over the past 36 hours were about 20 the end of the weekend we could see over 100 mm totals with hopefully close to that for the south coast mountains. Cypress, Seymour, Grouse, Whistler AND Mount Washington all saw between 15-20 cm with yesterday's storm. Freezing levels should stay around 1000m so tops of the locals should stay in the snow for the days ahead.

Warm Sochi
  • As temperatures rose above zero degrees for some sections of the mountain cluster, soft and melting snow has already become a problem for some events
  • Temps will continue to climb over the next two days: Highs for the coastal cluster may even get up to 17, 18 degrees on the 13th & 14th with mountain cluster temps in the double digits for the base levels, and above zero even at 1500 m. Soft, granular snow along with artificial snow will continue to make weather an additional factor for outdoor events over the next couple of days. Even sliding and indoor events will have to work hard to keep ice ideal
  • Sunshine will also prevail adding to melting concerns, but visually it is the better choice for most outdoor athletes
  • By Saturday the 15th, temps will start to come back down to seasonal

New fossil bed found by scientists hailed as 'Motherload'  
  • Scientists say a recently located fossil site west of Calgary in B.C. is already yielding major new discoveries about early animal evolution.
  • The fossil beds were located in 2012 by a team of Canadian, U.S. and Swedish researchers in Kootenay National Park and in a paper published today, researchers reveal they unearthed 50 animal species in just 15 days exploring the new site.
  • "The rate at which we are finding animals -- many of which are new -- is astonishing, and there is a high possibility that we'll eventually find more species here than at the original Yoho National Park site, and potentially more than from anywhere else in the world," 
A fossilized arthropod found by scientists in the newly discovered Burgess Shale site in B.C.'s Kootenay National Park. (Michael Streng)

Major Ice Storm Unfolding in the Southern US
  • Snow, sleet, rain and freezing rain is once again hitting millions between southern North Carolina and upstate South Carolina, across northern Alabama, central Mississippi and into central Texas.
  • Road conditions are expected to deteriorate throughout Tuesday as flight delays and cancellations mount, but the worst of the storm looks to hold off until Wednesday

UK flood crisis worsens, thousands of homes threatened

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