Couple Spring-Like Days Before Wintery Weekend Returns...Feb 27th

  • After a few very isolated overnight showers, much of the south coast is left with another gorgeous afternoon
  • Temps across Metro Vancouver are getting up to the high single digits today with a nice mix of sun and high cloud
  • We may see a few showers and increased cloud cover move back in tonight, thanks to a weak weather system, with the risk for showers lingering tomorrow morning before we get back to the sun Friday afternoon with mild temps once again
  • A tricky weekend forecast to nail down once again I've gotta say. Arctic air that is in place across much of the country is slowly sneaking into BC from the east over the next few days - Peace looking at frigid wind chills tonight
  • The latest weather models today are showing the chance for precip Saturday right through to Monday for the south coast and with cooler, drier air in place thanks to a outflow winds, once again snow levels may drop close to the sea level
  • "So you're saying there's a chance.." Yes, Saturday & Sunday could come with a wet snow/rain mix before warming up to rain on Monday but it's too early to call
  • The widespread avalanche warning has ended today, but danger is still at considerable for some regions. Weekend story will be arctic air for most of BC and fresh storm snow for the south coast

Southern Ontario Snow Squalls..400 Pile-up
  • Squalls drifted south from Georgian Bay early hours this morning to bring periods of white-out conditions across HWY 400
  • Wind gusts up to 60 km/h have been reported, with some places experiencing wind chills well into the minus twenties...temps will continue to drop through this evening for crews still working. Pretty much all of southern Ontario is under a wind chill warning tonight for below -25 values
  • Snow squall watches & warnings also remain in place this afternoon as bands of snow continue to be generated off of Georgian Bay & Lake Huron so snow squalls may continue to develop quite for local blowing snow and at times nil visibilities 
  • Blowing snow will continue to be an isolated problem for the next few days. After seeing record ice cover across the Great Lakes mid-February, a brief warm-up last week has opened some sections of the Great Lakes up again - the key ingredients for snow squalls along with the strong NW winds that are accompanying the polar vortex. At this point the frigid air remains in place through to at least next week

It's a solid... it's a liquid... it's a dropleton
  • Scientists announced today they have discovered a new type of microscopic particle cluster that is found in solid materials but strangely behaves like a liquid. 
  • They called it the "dropleton". The new entity, infinitely small and with a blink-and-you-miss-it lifespan, is a quasiparticle meaning a combination of other, fundamental particles with unusual properties that exist in solids.
  • The main use of the discovery is to understand more about how photons, or particles of light, can react with matter. But the dropleton's high sensitivity to light could also give it an application in light-detecting electronic devices 

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Chance of showers



A mix of sun and cloud